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Tatoos were difficult to remove in the past, leaving ugly scars. But no laser treatment has made removal of the tatoos easy. But still there are some problems. This article deals with them

Laser treatment has revolutionised tatoo removal

Black Tattoo Is Easy To Remove
It is said that nearly to 25% of the Americans have some or other tattoo. It is estimated that nearly half of them want to have laser treatment to remove their tattoo.
Now a great news has come for them to get rid of their unwanted body signs. Without much side effects, the laser treatment can profitably be used now. A high intensity light beam is made use of to break up the pigment colours of the tattoo.
Black tattoo colour can easily be removed as it absorbs all the colours. But the removal of other coloured tattoos is not so easy. Selective laser colour has to be used to remove them.
Who Will Be Benefitted Most From Laser Treatment?

Each individual requires separate treatment to remove the kind of unique tattoo he/she has. There is a difference between the past methods used to remove tattoo and the present treatment. In the past the tattoos were removed leaving behind ugly scars on the body. But now these scars are also removed once for all leaving the body clean and nice.
In fact those who got their tattoos removed but left with ugly scars can also use the present day laser treatment to remove the scars left over. But there is one problem here. If the past treatment had left too much of ugly scars on the body, the laser treatment cannot remove them fully. It is like using a detergent to clean up a dirty cloth. If the dirt is too much, no detergent can clean it effectively.
Which Doctor To Contact For The Laser Treatment?
The person concerned has to look for a skin specialist or cosmetic surgeon for his problem. Usually the family doctor will suggest suitable doctor in this field.
How Will The Treatment Proceed?
Treatment varies from person to person. The tattoo can be removed in two or three visits but in exceptional cases it may prolong to ten or twelve visits. The expert surgeon will brief you over this when you make a personal visit.
The removal of the tattoo also depends on other factors like whether it is amateur or professional, age of the person, skin conditions etc. The depth upto which the tattoo has penetrated the skin is also a deciding factor in the removal of the tatoo.

Tatoo treatment details

Treatment Procedures
• Patients will get protective eye shields
• Any allergic reaction by the skin due to laser treatment is assessed beforehand
• A hand piece is placed against the surface of the skin and the laser light is activated. Each pulse gives a feeling of a grease splatter or the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.
• Smaller tattoos need treatment for lesser time whereas bigger tattoos consume elaborate time. Multiple visits are required to the hospital. The patient can see the tattoo becoming lighter and lighter after each treatment.
• Ice packs are placed over the treated area for soothing. Antibiotic cream or ointment is also given. Sunlight should not fall on the treated area.
Generally anaesthesia is not needed. But in exceptional cases local anaesthesia is employed
Side Effects Involved In Tattoo Removal Treatment

Side effects are not a great worry in tattoo removal. But some factors need to be weighed in before you opt for treatment
• Infection may appear after tattoo removal in the site. The tattoo may not be completely removed or worse still ugly scars may appear in the area.
• Hypopigmentation is a risk. In this, treated skin is lighter than its surroundings looking ugly. Hyperpigmentation is also a risk. In this, treated skin is darker than its surroundings looking ugly.
Is The Treatment Safe?
There is practically no risk in tattoo removal using laser therapy. Compared to conventional methods like excision, dermabrasion or salabrasion, laser treatment is far better because it treats the pigment involved in the tattoo and does not affect the skin much.
Some colours can be removed more easily than others.. Blue or black tattoos can be easily removed using laser treatment. But it is not so sure whether other colours can be removed as easily as blue or black.
Insurance Companies Will Not Cover Tattoo Removal?
Unless the treatment becomes medically necessary, insurance companies consider it as a personal and cosmetic treatment and will not cover it under their standard medical policies. Hospitals will demand full payment before they start treatment. Therefore it will be financially prudent to weigh all costs involved before you plunge into tattoo removal. In my opinion tattoo itself is a waste and not needed. Why tattoo your body and then struggle to remove it? Prevention is better than cure


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