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This is a page discussing teen depression. It describes symptoms, causes, and other information.

Teen Depression

Teen Depression is becoming more common as time continues, and is a serious health problem. Teen Depression can lead to worse or even deadly consequences. If not properly treated, a teen’s condition can continue, making it harder for the teen to deal with normal, everyday things. Many people don’t seem to recognize teen depression, which makes it difficult for the teen to get the treatment they need.
One out of every eight teens suffers from depression, the earliest beginning at the age of fifteen. There are multiple reasons for a teenager to become depressed. School performance, social status, and family life are some of those reasons. Environmental stress can also contribute to teen depression. However, no matter what the cause is, if a thing the teen usually enjoys doesn’t seem to improve the teen’s sadness or isolation, then there is a possibility for the teen to have depression.
Although there are many symptoms if teen depression, not all are noticeable. The teen’s parents may not recognize them, thinking that they are just normal teen behavior. Symptoms include: complaining of pains, preoccupation with death and dying, sadness and anxiety, and withdrawal from friends and family. Teens with a family history of depression are more likely to be depressed themselves.
Though there is no specific medical test that can diagnose depression, health care professionals can determine if a teen has depression by undergoing a series of interviews and psychological tests with the teen. Based on the outcome of these interviews, the severity of the depression and the risk of suicide can be determined. Also, based on the data collected, proper treatment recommendations can be chosen. The doctor conducting the interviews will look for signs of potentially co-existing psychiatric disorders.
Teens suffering from depression have a higher risk of suicide. Attempted suicide and self-mutilation are more common in females, while successful suicide is higher in males. Teens thinking about suicide show some symptoms as well. Showing hopelessness of one’s self, taking as if no one cares, and threatening to kill one’s self is just a few. Teens showing any of these signs should be taken seriously, and help should be contacted immediately. There are suicide hotlines, and other places you can get help for the teen. Don’t hesitate to get help.


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