Teens and Smoking – Why a Cigarette and How to Quit?

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Smoking was said to be an act of fascination. The result of smoking causing please to one’s mind and also to one’s own attitude was said to be an esteem. Smoking was said to be a choice of lifestyle but now it is the reason for thousands and millions of death all over the world due to its addiction.

Smoking Kills

It is since a very long time in history that tobacco is used by man and cigarettes for smoking also came up later in the nineteenth century. Later, cigarettes were produced in bulk and sold in the market and hence the consumption and popularity of smoking cigarette increased.
Most of the youngsters, try smoking during their adolescence time, before they complete their school and not probably when they are 18 and an adult. Latest researches show that teenagers who experiment trying to smoke for the first time may get easily habituated to smoking than an adult.

Why to quit Smoking ?

If you quit smoking as quickest as possible, you chance of getting lung cancer, heart diseases are lessened.It is really worthwhile to give up smoking tobacco as this reduces all kinds of health risks that you may get associated with due to smoking. Giving up smoking, also enhances your power of tasting and smelling and increases your body stamina.

How can Teens stay away from Smoking?

• Understand why is Smoking Driving it towards you– Always discuss with teenagers why they smoke. Some come up with smoking as a trend and then it becomes a habit. So smoke as to be cool and show some attitude while others may smoke cigarettes due to depression.
• Say No to Tobacco Advertisements – A health talk to teens about advertisements that may stimulate one to smoke and cause attraction towards smoking and may tell them to be aware of them and not to get influenced. Many cigarette companies hire celebrities and stars for advertising and this may attract the youths.
• Give an Example –You may seen that teens start smoking if their parents too smoke.If you are a parent who smoke, then give up smoking. Do not smoke at home, or at a public place or near your children and keep your cigarettes openly anywhere where you teens can reach. You should give up and be an example of quit smoking.
• Calculate– Smoking is not free of cost and requires money. Just calculate the money you spend in smoking which you may not have realized to be much but when you calculate it become pretty much. Drops make an ocean.

. Ways How Teenagers can Quit Smoking:

• Brushing after Eating :One always tends to smoke after eating and has more urge of smoking after completing the meal so make a habit of brushing which may help you control the urge to smoke.
• Also reduce the amount you drink alcohol, as this is also related to the amount you smoke cigarette.
• A good tip is that when you get an urge to smoke, chew some cardamons or apply some clove oil in the back of your tongue.
• Don’t keep your hands idle and keep doing something like writing, typing, doing some work, etc.

If you are a parent and you see that your teen has started smoking, do avoid giving them threats, warning and abusing them. You could talk to them instead and discuss with them about their problems and be supportive with the idea of giving up smoking.


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Great article with good suggestions for teenagers to quit smoking.

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Great advice, we need to pay more attention to this.

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