Teens who text more are less likely to read as well

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A fairly recent study shows that teens who overuse cell phones may indeed be risking their education. These teens tend to read less and isolate themselves from perusing an education.

Cellphone use

Montrealers like anyone else these days love their cellphones, and like many other cities, the municipal government has cracked down on people who use their phones while driving. There has already been accidents caused by cellphone use and even a death reported a few years back when a Montreal man crashed into cement poll he didn’t see because he was using his cell phone.

Now even psychologists are looking in cellphone use. Cognitive psychologists study linguistics because it is an area concerning the brain and how it functions and of course this area branches out to mental health.

Teens who use cell phones read less

A study was conducted by a university student doing her thesis in linguistics. She found that people who texted more often were less likely to learn new words than people who read by traditional means. Montrealers may scoff at this study; but it had enough merit to be quoted in the famed ScienceDaily magazine.

The student presented university students with infrequently used real words and made up words. They were to reject the words that were made up. More students who texted rejected more words because they were unfamiliar with them; while students who read more were able to distinguish more real words even though they had never seen them before. This is believed to be due to the fact that they had more experience learning new words from their traditional reading of books, magazines, reports and so on.

Education will suffer

The researcher stated,

"Textisms represent real words which are commonly known among people who text," she says. "Many of the words presented in the study are not commonly known and were not acceptable to the participants in the study who texted more or read less traditional print media."

The impact on this study points to Montreal young people and young people worldwide who reject the global education through reading, and isolate themselves to a limited world of texting will suffer in the long run. They may not be able to keep up with their grades or go onto to highly reading oriented jobs such as law, science, teaching and so on.

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You bring up some very good points.

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