Teeth Whitening

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By now almost everybody knows what Teeth Whitening is. But what goes in behind the scenes? Lets explore this procedure and find out what's REALLY going on.

Teeth Whitening

Dental health is critical to everyone due to the benefits associated with cleaner and whiter teeth. The market contains various teeth whitening products. Some that are safe and efficient, promising remarkable results, while others could cause adverse outcomes. The top quality teeth whitening products do not damage the enamel but instead result in excellent teeth whitening results.

The teeth whitening kit contains various tools such as whitening spray, brush on gel, and special toothpaste that contains a specific percentage of hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide that breaks oxygen when spread into the teeth in the presence of heat. Oxygen molecules enter the tiny pores of the enamel, breaking down stains into tiny pieces which causes light to pass through the tooth to make it look lighter.

In other cases, the dentist may opt to use protective gel and rubber shields which are considered the most professional way of teeth bleaching. These tools serve the purpose of guarding the soft tissue in the mouth such as the gums and lips.

The whitening gel carmide peroxide is placed in the gums for a specific period of time. During this period, an individual notices that the stains start to disappear. Nevertheless, there are teeth whitening products out there that when used are likely to cause irritation. If you encounter any pain or irritation, be sure to contact your doctor immediately for a consultation.

How it works
After bleaching, the result may take anywhere from hours, days or even a week to become apparent. This aspect mainly depends on the type of gel used, as well as the quality. Therefore, the teeth appear whiter without necessarily changing the structure or damaging the enamel when quality products are used.

There are various gels such as sodium fluoride, sodium hydroxide and glycerin ingredient that keep your teeth strong and healthy. Moreover, the teeth remain whiter for about three years. This number can change depending on one’s personal lifestyle and feeding habit. Changes in diet, such as avoiding certain foods or soft drinks goes a long way in guaranteeing beautiful, lasting results.


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