Ten Herbal Remedies to Take Care of Your Hair

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Hair adds beauty. It is an attraction of women. Bair loss has become an inevitable problem in modern lifestyle. Hair can both be fascinating and quirky with an average of 100,000 strands of hair on each person’s head.

Ten Herbal Remedies to Take Care of Your Hair

Hair needs proper care. Hair has a vital role to play in sex life. Modern lifestyle with a busy schedule does not spare much time for taking care of hair. It results in hair loss and bald head. It has been found out that by the age of 50, over half of men have male-pattern baldness and 40 percent of menopausal women suffer from female-pattern hair loss. Each day a person loses an average of 100 hairs.

Maintenance of healthy hair

1) Balanced diet suitable for hair growth is an important need to maintain healthy locks.

2) Foods such as eggs, liver, kidney, herring, salmon, carrot and green leaves are good choices for healthy hair care.

3) Any food rich in Vitamin C and D is good for hair growth.

4) It is better not to expose too much to sun as it can damage hair. Wearing a hat is advisable while going into sun especially in summer.

5) It is also advisable to use hair products that protect hair from UVA and UVB rays.

Ten Herbal Remedies to Take Care of Your Hair

1) Coconut milk massage

Coconut has a special capacity to nourish hair growth. Coconut milk can be obtained directly from coconut scrape and it can be massaged directly on the scalp. Coconut scraping can be ground in mixer and its milk can be obtained by squeezing it. The milk can be slightly warm before applying it on hair. It can be washed after one or two hours.

2) Curry leaves for external and internal use

South Indian medicinal systems recommend use of curry leaves (Murraya Koeinigii) for intake and application for the growth of hair. The leaves can be boiled in coconut oil and used for hair application.

3) Henna leaves

Another home remedy recommended by Siddha medicine is the use of henna leaves. Make a poultice of henna leaves and boil it in coconut oil and apply it on hair before the green color of the same changes.

4) Fenugreek shampoo

Fenugreek is one of the gifts of nature for many health problems. It prevents hair loss by using it as a shampoo. A handful of fenugreek can be soaked in water for three to four hours and ground before using it as shampoo.

5) Sesame leaves hair massage

Sesame oil is good for the protection of hair. Sesame leaves and roots also are good for hair. They can be boiled in water for fifteen minutes and when it is cooled they cam be used for hair rinse and massage.

6) Olive oil with tobacco

This helps very much for men in treating their hair loss. Fresh tobacco flowers are ground to make a thick paste and it is mixed in olive oil for application and massage on bald areas. A regular massage using this can stop further bald and help hair growth.

7) Black cumin with olive oil for scalp massage

Unani medicines from Arabia suggest this for hair growth on bald head. Black cumin is burnt on a low flame and is powdered. This powder is mixed with olive oil and kept aside for sometime. Then this mixture is applied on head and is used for massaging bald areas after keeping the oil on head for at least one hour. Long-term treatment with this mixture oil stimulates hair growth.

8) Garlic application

Garlic is an excellent herb for most of the ailments. It contains nutritional, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps to treat most of the skin diseases including warts, skin tags, eczema and rashes. Garlic oil can be used for hair loss. Garlic extract can be applied and kept on hairless surface for some time before shampooing and bath.

9) Olive oil massage to strengthen hair growth

Regular application and massaging with olive oil, mixed with almond oil or rosemary oil, strengthens hair locks and prevents graying of hair. It also prevents dandruff and falling of hair.

10) Fresh cow products for hair loss

This is an old Indian herbal remedy. Cow milk, buttermilk and butter help to prevent hair loss. Cow milk has many remedial properties. Massaging with freshly boiled cow milk on scalp and head for at least 30 minutes can help good hair growth. Massaging can be done with fresh butter milk or butter.


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