Ten Point Program to Tackle the Challenge of Diabetes

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November may be a month to tell you about Diabetes Awareness. But the cruel disease is spreading every day at an epidemic speed-- all over the world! Here are ten tips to prevent diabetes and to be free from diabetic worries.

Challenge of diabetes

Diabetes is the greatest challenging disease of this century. World Diabetes Day of this year has just passed with some ripples somewhere in the world. In spite of the awareness programs, the disease is spreading all over the world by leaps and bounds. World Health Organization(WHO) may warn in the loudest voice that more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes and this number may double or triple in the next few decades. But the world, mesmerized by the strong spells of commercialism, is not going to listen or be serious about the monstrous disease diabetes. Globalized commercialism is adding more and more consumers to the addiction of fast food and sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is growing globally as a major threat to public health and world economy.

Here are ten points that may help the world to prevent the disease and to face the challenge of its epidemic growth.

Ten point program to tackle the challenge of diabetes

1) Uncontrolled diabetes disease decreases the immunity power of the body and impairs its ability to fight back, resulting in further complications. Hence the first point is to check the condition of the diabetes in the body and take steps to arrest it immediately.

2) Weight control is very essential for health. Changes in weight may affect blood glucose levels and cause more problems. Diet control and exercise play a vital role on weight management.

3) Manage your cholesterol at the optimum level. High LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol levels lead to macrovascular diseases.

4) Control blood pressure within 130/80 range. High intake of salt and sodium may increase blood pressure. Experts suggest a daily maximum of 2,300 mg of sodium or less.

Ten point program to tackle the challenge of diabetes

5) Eye care and teeth care are a part of diabetic health. Diabetes affect the eye nerves and retina. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory problem of increased blood sugar.

6) If diabetes is diagnosed, periodical check up of blood glucose becomes a must. It needs regular visit to the doctor to stay healthy and avoid problems.

7) Diet plan is another important point in controlling diabetes. What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat have to be scheduled with the guidance of a physician.

8) You can check your feet daily to find if there is any numbness, swelling, change in color, etc. The symptoms in feet can tell you about infections, decreased circulation, etc.

9) Take preventive shots and vaccinations against pneumonia, etc. to safeguard your general health.

10) Quit from smoking and other habits that provoke diabetes. Passive smoke is also dangerous. Smoking increases microvascular and macrovascular diseases.

In the recent decades, diabetes is growing as one of the leading causes of kidney failure, blindness in adults, and amputations and a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Modern world should wake up globally to control diabetes in time.


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