Ten Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Daily

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For many peoples, the motivation to do Exercises or work out comes naturally. These people have the same passion for exercise that others have for Music or watching Movies or doing some other extracurricular activity.


Anyhow for most folks, the motivation to work out goes back and forth. But also genuine truth is, even the most committed fitness buffs endure periods when they recently don’t have a craving for lacing up their cross mentors and heading to the gym.

Here are ten of the finest approaches to keep yourself-persuaded. Attempt all these methodology. At least one is sure to work for you.

Prepare for an Event:

Applying yourself to an event can help immensely to jump-start your workout program. The options are many-a 5K Run, a 10K bicycling, a mini-triathlon, a 100-mile two wheeler driving. Once you started doing one of the above, you feel a new sense of purpose. And the feeling of accomplishment you get from finishing your work out is like nothing else.

If you’re a Beginner, an excellent way to start rolling is to join a training program organized by some Established Group or charity. Knowing that you’re raising money for a good cause will surely motivate you.

Organize Your Goals

Some people have the habit of having their goals tapped to their living rooms or mirror; this is an excellent way to motivate you. So my advice is, start writing your goals in a plain sheet and stick to your walls.

Irrespective of where you are posting your notes, glancing at them on a daily basis helps keep you focused and motivated.

Always try to Work Out with a Group or a Team

Do your activity with Group of Friends, this helps you to get rid of boredom, Plus, Doing Work out with a group of peoples will make you to compare yourself with their work ethics. In a way it gives you an opportunity to develop you in many aspects. You’re sure to gain inspiration from your workout Friends. Doesn’t worry if you’re the slowest one in the team; just focus on how much work out you can handle. Eventually, you’ll catch up with the other members of the Group.

Work Out with a Friend

If you can’t find a team, then the next best way is to set up a workout schedule with a friend. With a friend, you have the liberty to choose your own schedule for doing work outs, you can even chose to play some indoors for a change.

Involve yourself with some Internet Fitness Forums and Boards

Its truth, not everyone can find workout partners in his/her living environment. For them the Internet comes handy. Using internet you can gain exposure from fitness buddies across the World. Almost all fitness Web sites have forums where visitors can share their thoughts about many exercisers and develop strong bonds with one another.


Regularly check your fitness Level

Sure, exercise gives you many benefits like more energy and greater self-esteem.

It’s advisable to get tested yourself for every three months during your first year of work out. From second year onwards, getting tested every six months is suggested. Always give more importance to heart beat rate and Pulse rate.

Combine Your Workouts

Some people thrive on routine. Most of us, however, need a bit of variety to stay motivated. For this reason, you may want to try mixing up your activities. Cross-training means different things to different people.

You can completely do other sport cricket on Mondays, Running on Tuesdays, biking on Wednesdays, etc. Or you can schedule Running fast for one day and flat the next day. You can also concentrate on pair activities that focus on different aspects of fitness. You can do some Stretching Exercises and yoga one day to work on your flexibility; meditation also helps your mind immensely to focus.

Wearing Suitable Dress

While doing work out, you must look like a workout pro, that’s the best way to motivate you and your fellow exercisers. So your exercise dress material plays a big role. Choose the one in which you feel more comfortable.

Entertain Yourself while doing Workouts

Combining exercise with your pleasures can make your workout fly by. These days, you have more opportunities than ever to keep yourself entertained while you work out. Most gyms now have some sort of high-tech entertainment system that gives you access to TV, radio, CD's, and other music accessories.

Doing work outs while listening to music is one of the best methods to involve yourself. Choose songs depending on the type of Exercise you do.

Read Success Stories

There are many success stories on Internet. You can also find the best Success stories in magazines and on fitness Web sites. The best ones offer not only inspiration but specific and realistic advice. Remember not all fitness success stories are about weight loss. Some are about overcoming a particular disease or starting to exercise at a school age or at 60.

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

All great tips my friend.
Especially, the tip of working out with a friend.
I find that is very motivating.
In a freindly competetive way.
Good read.
I'm following you and looking forward to reading more of your work.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Jerry Walch
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

Very nicely done.

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author avatar vpaulose
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

Hi Ashwini,
Thank you for your motivating article. I hope you will add me to your followers' list. Also thanks for your comments.

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author avatar D in The Darling
3rd Dec 2010 (#)

I'm one of those lazy guys when it comes to working out!
Great article. What a way to introduce yourself! Thanks for the follow and I'm certainly following you! Keep writing!

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author avatar joeldgreat
4th Dec 2010 (#)

I think it all boils down to self-dicipline. No matter how hard we do it, if we don't have it, it all goes to waste. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Mar 2011 (#)


This is a very encouraging motivation.

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author avatar Retired
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice post well written with lots of tips. thanks for sharing.

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