Ten best ways to stay in shape

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There are many ways to keep in shape. Combining many factors you can achieve your goal, see how.

Staying in shape

Getting in shape takes time and dedication. The benefits of exercise do much more than getting a person fit: helps control diabetes, depression, COPD, osteoporosis and so much more. There are several methods to get into shape, here are ten important factors.


Watching what you eat to stay healthy is a must. Many people choose the word diet. It is important you think of changing your lifestyle, not a diet. Your body should never feel deprived of food. Track your food in a diary each day. Make changes that are necessary: at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and a minimum of 8 cups of water. That said certain treats in moderation are okay.

Six small meals

First and foremost, it is true; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will help boost your metabolism. This will also prevent you from binge eating when you suddenly realize you are incredibly hungry. Break your meals into six small meals a day. By spreading out your food, this will help keep you full all day and keep your metabolism steady.


To maintain your shape, it is recommended you take 10,000 steps a day. This is equivalent to approximately 5 miles. It may seem a lot, but making small changes you can easily do this. To add steps: park in a far away spot, take the stairs instead of the elevator and take a walk every say after lunch or dinner.


Many people do only cardio when exercising. Lifting weights is extremely important to staying fit. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. It is important to keep your weight routine going on a regular basis. You also want to mix it up every 10 weeks. Increase your weight or change the routine a bit to keep your body guessing.


Doing cardio is central to any workout routine. Just like weights, you need to keep your body guessing. Mix up your cardio routine often. Do not stick to just running or biking. Try a variety of cardio machines or cardio classes.

Core exercises

Your core is many times missed during your exercise routine. Your core is an important part of staying in shape and strong. Doing abdominal exercises and back exercises is necessary to help stay in shape and lift pressure off many parts of your body to prevent injury.


To stay in shape and prevent injury, stretching is important to any exercise routine. You can do an entire Yoga routine to help maintain the necessary stretching to keep your body limber. You also want to ensure you are stretching after every workout for approximately fifteen minutes.


Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely essential to staying in shape. This prevents you from being overtired and not able to maintain your usual routine. It is also important for your body to relax and rejuvenate for the day ahead.

Take time off

It may seem counterproductive, but taking a few days off from your routine is a good thing. Relax, eat what you want without going crazy and enjoy. Only do this if you know you’ll be able to hop back into your healthy lifestyle. If taking a few days off every few months will set you back, keep doing what you are doing.

Stay positive

Many times negative thoughts will creep into your head. Keep these at bay. Think positive. Write a diary of great things that happened in your day. Create a poster of positive mantras you see every morning. Set your goals ahead and cross them off each time you make a goal. Don’t let your inner thought destroy your goals. You can do this.

Staying in shape is not a diet or training, it is a lifestyle. By slowly changing your habits one day at a time you will be able to stay in shape and look fabulous.

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