Tender Coconut : A Natural Isotonic Fluid Adviced for Healthy and Convalescing People

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Coconut water - the "a natural isotonic fluid" - is the answer to your stifling summers. Enjoy the refreshing benefits of tender coconut water this summer. Read on to learn the nutritional benefits and recipes of tender coconut

Source for Natural Isotonic Fluid

Tender coconut is considered as the wholesome beverage by nutritionists. People living in tropical regions like India feel that the nature has gifted this amrit to beat sultry and heat. I have taken tender coconut
whenever I go around during day time. It is safe despite it total dissolved solvents (TDS) 3000 ppm. Believe me! your body fluid excreted as sweat is compensated with the natural isotonic fluid (technically the liquid endosperm) of tender coconut. Do you know this natural isotonic fluid has the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood? It's the fluid of life, so to speak. For this it is being given to children, convalescent patients.

Source for Natural Isotonic Fluid

The fluid's caloric value is 17.4 per 100gm. The major chemical constituents of coconut water are Reducing sugars (4.4%) in the forms of glucose and fructose; and most of the minerals (0.6%) such as potassium (290.0 %), sodium (42.0 %), calcium (44.0 %), Magnesium (10.0 %), phosphorous (9.2 %), iron (106.0 %), copper (26.0 %) and minor ones are fat and nitrogenous substances. Tender coconut water being rich in potassium and other minerals plays a major role to increase the urinary output.

Tender coconut water contains both ascorbic acid and vitamins of B group. The concentration of ascorbic acid ranges from 2.2 to 3.7mg per ml, which gradually diminishes as the kernel surrounding the water begins to harden.

Coconut water contains small amounts of Protein (0.01%). The percentage of arginine, alanine, cystine and serene in the protein of tender coconut water are higher than those in cow's milk. Since it does not contain any complex protein the danger of producing shock to the patients is minimized. The Fat (0.01%); the acidity level is (120.0 pH). (Coconut Board) (wikipedia)

Medicinal Properties

Ayurveda has meticulously documented the medical properties of the kernel and water of tender coconut. This divine beverage is blessed with aperient, laxative, diuretic and antihelmintic properties. It is a nourishing tonic. The water has amazing detoxifying properties and it will certainly help you to flush out toxins from your body. It drives away stress and fatigue and always refreshes you with rejuvenated vigor.

This tasty water acts as a cleansing agent and flushes out the toxins from your urinary bladder. It relieves you from nausea and vomiting sensation as well as pitta induced hiccups. It is a sure remedy for pitta. It is a panacea for increasing your semen count. You will become an appetizer soon and your digestion power will be promoted. If you are suffering from urine retention and scanty urination due to heat, then coconut water will answer your problem. Coconut water is found effective for problems arising from liver. Taking tender coconut daily is good for the kidney function.

The ripened coconut is an excellent remedy for acidity, flatulence, and similar stomach disorders arising out of pitta dosha. The saline like properties encourages quick healing of wounds. The topical application of coconut heals any type of wound and typically prevents the appearance of scar. If you are suffering from the burning sensation in your palms or leg feet, you are sincerely advised to drink coconut water. You may also extract milk from ripened, desiccated coconut. The consumption of coconut milk will also help you in cooling your palms and feet.


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