Tennis Elbow Causes and Natural Remedies

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Tennis elbow is an occupational and recreational problem. Those who do a lot of hand-gripping can have this disorder.

Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms - Tenderness and pain in the elbow, weakness in the hand.

Causes - Tennis elbow is an occupational and recreational problem. Those who do a lot of hand-gripping can have this disorder. This would include golfers, carpenters, factory workers, housewives, and even politicians who shake hands a lot.

The weakness occurs when gripping an object; it is not a true muscle weakness. The tendons are involved. This is a form of neuritis.

Natural Remedies

1. For 3-4 days, do not do those activities which cause the pain.
2. Apply cold or hot to the affected area, according to that which helps you best. Apply ice on the affected area for 30-90 minutes each day; the more the pain, the longer the application. Or apply heat, especially after the first few days.
3. Careful exercise is also needed to eliminate tennis elbow; rest is not enough. The tendons and the muscles supporting them need to be strengthened. Purchase a hand gripper at a sporting goods store and slowly increase your usage of it until you are using it 5-10 minutes, 4 times a day. When you use it, the elbow should be straight and the wrist bent. This will stretch the extensor tendons and help strengthen the fibrous tendons.
4. Other exercises are also helpful. Place your forearm on a table (palm down) and grip a 3-pound dumbbell. Flex the wrist upward slightly, hold for 5 seconds, lower, and rest for 3 seconds. When you can easily do this 15 times, increase the weight by 1 pound. Over a period of 4-6 weeks of doing this every day, you may be able to lift up to 8-10 pounds without pain. Fourteen to 18 patients, on a four-week program with this exercise, obtained complete pain relief.
5. Athletes sometimes place a band several inches wide around the forearm near the elbow and another just above the wrist. Be sure they are not too tight.
6. Avoid cortisone injections; for these can produce tendon atrophy or even dissolve the tendon.


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