The 12 Illnesses Commonly Encounter by Call Center Agent

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Working in a call center have both beneficial and harmful effect to health. Call center agent face irate callers making their job stressful. Find out the call center agent commonly encounter illnesses.

Working in a call center is a very promising? Why?

You got to work in a prestigious BPO’s or Business process outsourcing company and any experience you could get could add or improve your communication and personality skills. The earning is good compare to other occupation. You got to meet a lot of people at the same time sharing the same interest. There are many potential for performance advancement.

Attending lot of training and brain enhancement makes you an expert in learning other cultures aside from human delegating skills. Your career is at boost. You could be involve in a lot of project and hence step the ladder by being a potential candidate for promotion. It seems to be a very lucrative source of income and aside from no age limit policy. This are are the many good points that would lure anyone to be eager to work in a call center.

The Call center Agent Dilemma

Those who already pass the personality, speech and interview test may be overly excited knowing they already pass the strenuous test. Finally, becoming a call center agent – a dream job for some folks! However at the initial stage many call centers would be so happy to think it could be a stable job and might be helpful to complete many desire in life. But the adventure does not yet start it just begin! However, the journey is not all good at some point of time. Why? Because some experience is not just desirable. Find out?

Illnesses Commonly Encounter by Call Center Agent

Working in a Business Process Outsourcing company is not enjoyable for a very long time. Why? The longer period of working in a call center could be detrimental to one’s health. Here are the reasons;

1. High blood pressure

The stresses of the job are overwhelming. Working in different shifts during daytime or grave shift for straight weeks or in some cases in one straight month give Call center Agent or Customer representatives with little choice and because of time management conflict. The health of the body is generally affected. Even at the young age between 20 and 26 years and above are likely candidate for many circulatory problems. The shocking truth most call center agent have a raised blood pressure of 160/120, 190/100 and numerical sudden raise in Bps. This could be attributed to the hectic schedules of work, stress from hearing and talking to rude callers, sleep deprivation, lack of exercises, and most are prone to smoking abuse.

2. Respiratory problems

Call center agent are prone to many respiratory problems such as pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, allergy and asthma. The causes are due to unhealthy working environment as many call center agent are subject to long hours of working. The too much cold and humidity brought by air conditioning room and presence of carpeted floors and absence of cubicles for individual agent make them more susceptible to any communicable diseases

3. Acoustic shock

Many call center agent are prone to suffer from Ear infection and acoustic shock brought by shouting and screaming from rude callers and from the telephone equipment. As the electrical feedback, non compliant switchboard, latent sonic spikes, turret headsets and electrical feedback added to annoying background noise.

4. Voice loss

Many call center agent consult speech therapist and physician to prescribe those medicines that could relax their vocal chords. Having a good voice is necessary once it is affected means no income as it could lead to absenteeism. Long hours of talking with little rest could be the main culprit leading to dry throat and sore throat due to lack of moisture from drinking little water. In severe cases, vocal strain can produce inflammation of the larynx, swelling of the vocal chords, and ulceration of the lips.

5. Ulcer

The length of time working as schedule could lead to ulcer due to inability to eat on time. The strict policy of working without any intermittent schedules is often not allowed until the shift is over. It is necessary to have a time to take a short nap; hand and back massage as sitting all day, or night time before working should be allow giving time for a brief relaxation. This could be essential to maintain a healthy body.

6. Carpal tunnels syndrome

The length of time spend in front of the computer using the mouse could affect the fingers it would lead to numbness or carpal syndrome where the median nerves is pinched within the finger tunnel causing pain, numbness off the hand. The repetitive motion that requires the uses of hand could aggravate the carpal tunnels syndrome such as writing, painting, and typing with little rest

7. Lung cancer

Many call center agent are addicted to smoking. While waiting for the shifts or from a small break from work they gather to smoke or pass the time. The long term exposure to the tobacco substances could lead to lung problems and in severe cases lung cancer.

8. Urinary tract infection

Because of the little time or no break allow. Many call center agent is given little time to pee and pressure to work continuously as brief interruption could lead loss of productivity. Both women and men could suffer from urinary tract infection and in severe cases being hospitalized or undergo surgery.

9. Depression/Anxiety

The little freedom of time to have a chance to relax could lead to depression and anxiety. Facing lot of complaint from rude client and failure to resolve the complaint could aggregate the symptoms leading to unhappiness and worry.

10. Insomnia

The inability to sleep on the normal time could lead to insomnia. Especially when one have no choice but to follow the tight working shift schedule. This could affect the body biological clock as the normal sleeping pattern are lost.

11. Anemia

Lack of iron supplements could lead to lethargic symptoms and low blood pressure. When the blood does not receive enough minerals it weakens the body health defense.

12. Gall Bladder problems

Gall bladder problems may develop due to lack of exercise from sitting all the time while working. Obesity and indigestion from upset stomach and failure to pass gas often due to constipation due to tight working schedule time. Some may forget or control their elimination when the call of duty persist duly affecting the liver. In severe cases it may require removal of gall bladder.

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22nd Mar 2011 (#)

interesting read, thanks.-

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author avatar Aileen Tecson
23rd Mar 2011 (#)

thanks Pete for your lovely comments. have a nice day! :-)

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author avatar Buyo
15th Mar 2012 (#)

this is 100% true!

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author avatar Fhina
16th Aug 2012 (#)

been with the business for 7 years.. it's 101 % true...

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author avatar Darsh
4th Dec 2012 (#)

agree,,never go for BPO jobs,,,,bcz u ill get ear infections within 15 days...

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author avatar Manish
3rd Jul 2013 (#)

strongly agree

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2nd Sep 2013 (#)

defin8ly right,.!

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author avatar Sean_Victorydawn
8th Nov 2013 (#)

have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome almost turning worse to Arthritis, I both write and type. As a matter of fact, there isn't any certain treatment to that matter other than Acupuncture.

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22nd May 2018 (#)

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