The Contraceptive sponge is a very effective method for birth controlling

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The Contraceptive sponge is a very effective method for birth controlling

The Contraceptive sponge is a very effective method for birth controlling.
The contraceptive sponge is quite interesting. It’s a contraception measure for the female. When you are not ready to take baby you have to follow contraceptive method. There are many births controlling method. But all are not comfortable. Male partner’s use condom for the protection of birth control and female also female condom, birth pills and the contraceptive sponge. For the full protection you can take all steps. But these preventive measures are very useful method.
The contraceptive sponge is made of plastic foam. The contraceptive sponge is very soft and contains spermicide. They're also nylon loop attached to the bottom for the removal of the sponge. It controls the birth by keeping the sperm from joining with an egg. Contraceptive sponges block the sperms and cover the cervix. Hinder the entrance of the sperms in the uterus. It also releases continuously a spermicide. The Contraceptive sponge keeps the sperms from moving. Usefulness and effectiveness is an important factor for controlling births. The contraceptive sponge is very effective among the birth controlling methods. But you have to use correctly. If the women never give birth the sponge is more effective for the women. But the women who have given birth they have a higher risk of pregnancy. It will be more effective when your partner will use latex condoms. They can protect if they are pulling out before ejaculation. Latex condom also helps to protect from sexually transmitted infection. But this The contraceptive sponge cannot fully protect from diseases. So the needy partner needs protection. He should wear a condom in this. Sexual disease may happen from this way. A wide range of sexual diseases, causes by the unprotected intercourse. On the other hand, you have to take birth control, if you don’t want babies at this time. People often suffer from this. As results they do abortion. It’s the killing of embryo.

The contraceptive sponge is very comfortable and easy to use. The contraceptive sponge has some extra advantage. This sponge can be carried in the purse or pocket. When your partner forgot about the condom you can use this sponge. Women’s hormones are safe from any harmful effects. During you sex it will not interrupt you. The contraceptive sponge should be inserted one hour before the intercourse. You can keep it up to 30 hours. Without removing the contraceptive sponge you can intercourse as many times as you afford. During the breastfeeding, you can use it. But it has some irritating experience.

Sometime it creates difficulties to remove. As results when it breaks into pieces, you cannot remove the entire piece. This time you should go to the physicians and take necessary suggestions. Sometime it causes vaginal irritation. So, you need to care about this. It makes the sex too dry or messy. It requires too much liquid. You can use water based lubricants to remove the dryness. I will help you to process a comfortable sex. The contraceptive sponge is preferable for the protection from pregnancy. It is very popular now days. But its supply is rare.


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Unwanted pregnancies have to avoided but should not harm the women in the process - siva

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