The Danger of Tanning Booths

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Is the media to blame for the increase in skin cancer amongst young women these days? Are women under so much pressure to 'look good' that binge tanning is really an attractive option despite the risks?

Pressure To Look Good

We all want to look good these days. There’s no way of getting around the advertising that is pushed upon us every day. In newspapers, magazines, television and online we are being peppered with tips on how to lose weight, look younger and get rid of wrinkles. This has become part of everyday life. There is a pressure on women across the globe to follow fashion and look like the supposed television idol. However, this has had a dangerous effect on young women around the world.

Looking Good Can Take Too Much Effort!

Think of all the ways in which women around the world go about trying to make themselves look better. There are, of course, the healthy options such as watching what you eat and doing some sort of exercise a couple of times a week. But these are seen as too much hard work, an increasing number of young women across the UK are taking drastic measures and quick fixes to get the look they want.

The Era Of Binge Tanning

The use of weight loss drugs and tanning booths is widespread within the younger generation of women and has led to some alarming statistics. The social phenomenon of ‘binge tanning’ has caused considerable damage to the health and lifestyle of many young women across the UK. Women looking for the perfect beach look will often use a tanning booth up to twice a day, a totally unnecessary overkill of a piece of equipment which, in twenty minutes, can expose and individual to the same amount of UV rays as an entire day on the beach.

No Answer To Risk Getting Cancer

The links to sunbeds and skin cancer has long been known and advertised by cancer charities across the UK. Exposure to such UV rays can cause vicious cancers such as melanoma and the correlation in trends of using tanning booths and diagnosis of melanoma is, unsurprisingly, very similar. It’s hard to gauge why exactly young women use tanning booths. Ask anyone who uses a tanning booth and they’ll say they want to look darker, probe a little further and ask why exactly it is they want to look darker and they will more than likely struggle for an answer.

Is The Media To Blame?

The problem lies not with the individual, but with the way out media is spun to hit young women at such a young age. Growing up in a multimedia society pushes certain ideals that can lead to serious psychological effects that don’t make themselves evident till later on in life. We must not take for granted the power of media and advertising and protect young children from it in order to protect their health later in life. Because when an individual believes that becoming more tanned is more important than looking after you’re their health, we have a serious social problem on our hands.


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author avatar jpcmc
2nd Mar 2013 (#)

In the end, it's the person's choice whether to avail of the tanning services.

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author avatar Kingwell
2nd Mar 2013 (#)

It has become a big problem in parts of Canada too. Certainly only adults should be allowed to make the decision to avail of such services.

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author avatar madugundurukmini
3rd Mar 2013 (#)

good pictures

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author avatar NathalieM
4th Mar 2013 (#)

Of course people should have a choice and I think yes, only adults. However, I do worry about the subliminal pressure from the media that makes us want to make choices that are damaging to ourselves!

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