The Dangers of Prescription Medication Especially Painkillers and Addiction.

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This article discusses the recent increase use of prescription medications especially the abuse of painkillers. Make sure to know the facts before starting an stopping these dangerous drugs.

The Danger of Painkillers.

Almost 12 years ago I lost one of my best friends to drugs. To be more specific, painkillers were the drugs he was on and it ended up destroying his life. It took me many years to come to grips that something that your doctor can prescribe you led to burying my friend. To be honest, I still have trouble in how easily doctors prescribe these things to anyone who basically asks. What ever happened to actually dealing with pain at times? Now don't get me wrong, I know that there are many people out there that actually need these pills and are suffering daily but it is the abuse of these drugs that has now become a problem in America. Most of this abuse is done by people who do not even need the pills but can acquire them through relatives, friends, or even their family doctor. I know personally more than five people where I could either get directly for free or purchase a number of painkillers at any time. And to make the matters worse you can purchase them online even without a valid prescription.

My best advice for people who are thinking about going on any painkiller is really consider whether you need to before you start. You need to be extremely careful especially with any codeine based painkiller as they are extremely addictive and do not take much time to build an attachment to your body. Some examples of these are vicodin, percacet, oxycodone, and roxicet. But you need to be wary of even some non-codeine based painkillers too. Examples such as tramadol and ultram have been shown to be highly addictive as well. The best thing to do is really try to avoid even starting any pain medication treatment if you are able to. Withdrawal and detox can be very hard with these drugs and has been compared to coming off of heroin for some people who have been abusing it for a long period of time.


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author avatar Carol mikita
6th Aug 2019 (#)

I have been in excrutiating pain, three horrible accidents, am alone, no transposrtation, and I have the mris to prove what is wron and it has been about 3 weeks since anyone would give me a pain killer,.. I cannot help it if I am allergic to somee like going into shoick,k twictching off your bed, etc, I have had 16 surgers and more than 20 medical conditions. I went to pain clinics, my veinsdefiivs, so that one wouldn't owrk, their medicines almost killed me so what works is norco. my tox screen is clean, no historoy of drug abuse, the only history I have is peacefully pickiting an abortion clinic. I am alone and LL I have is the bedm tge tiuket abd uce water, U hyst kat gere kuje a dig ub girrubke oaub, nt bew doctor is supposed in ntwo weeks send a pain .specialish, I already have been without anything for 2 wees. I have been in this pain fofr 15 yrs. I would never slap God in the face by taking my life but I many times pray for him to. I want to live for t=ny granddaughter but not sleepiong, not eating for ten to twelve days at a time, my minind is going, my mind and body are worn out and when I can sleep, I am afraid to cause I know what I will walke up to. I have no use for hifhs or fentyanal I just need some norco. 4 a day. before God in Heaven, he knows I am telling the truth. can anyone help me without sending me s omething fake or poisoonousm Sone one please help me. , I am shaking and crying I hurt so bad. my email is am open to suggestions. remember where I live, catholic charities housing, there is no stores, no buses, no trains. you have to find someone to pay to get where you want to go. thank you and God bless.

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author avatar Carol mikita
6th Aug 2019 (#)

sorry for the typographical errors, my glasses broke

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