The Discomforts Of Hangovers

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Hangovers are never romantic in nature.Those who go through them know for sure that they are very discomforting. And while the are no real cures,there are ways to deal with them.

Do you have a hangover?

Weddings,anniversaries and other special occasions like birthdays are moments we cherish .This is a moment when the worries of life are shoved aside and people come together in great merriment. In these occasions a lot of drinking goes on.Alcohol runs from bottle to glass and from glass to mouth as rapidly as ever.And as much as people are concerned about having a good time,they perhaps concern themselves less about the effects the excessive intake of booze will have on them the following day.

Having a hangover the day after is just what happens after a night of excesses. While some caution was needed earlier,this was lacking.Now the feelings of dizziness,dryness of the mouth and other symptoms are so evident that a much needed cure is the right answer to the discomforting feelings that are present.

What is happening?

Excessive alcohol intake affects alcohol metabolism and causes body dehydration. With
dehydration comes depletion as the body runs short of the necessary fluids that is very essential to its health.Dehydration is what causes the visible symptoms that accompany a hangover such as dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and headache or a combination of these factors. While these factors are the visible symptoms of overnight alcohol intake that has left you with a hangover, you might want to get a cure to quickly do away with all the discomforts that you are experiencing.

But Is there a cure?

There might be a cure for hangovers but not the type I guess you are thinking of which is taking prescription tablets that will completely eliminate the after effects of so much alcohol intake. Real cures for treating hangovers and eliminating them on the spot do not exist.

Those who have had hangover experiences know quite well that what you are dealing with is an ongoing discomfort that will last as long as the alcohol contents are still inside the body. so while you are in this condition,you might want to give up on alcohol intake for a few days or more.You can also lessen the discomfort brought about by a hangover by trying a few remedies.

You might want to go for a hot water bath immediately when you wake up as this will sweat out the toxins quickly.Alcohol takes out of your system a lot of vitamin c so a quick recovery of vitamin c would mean taking orange juice,or vitamin c tablets.Pain relievers can be of help in curing hangover headaches and intake of sugary foods also helps.

While these are a few examples, the best way to avoid a hangover might just be to avoid drinking or drinking very little from time to time.Occasions like weddings, anniversaries,birthdays call for meeting and drinking socially.But even in such occasions limiting what you drink just to avoid a hangover could be helpful.Drinking on an empty stomach is quite harmful so before you go out fill up the empty stomach as this will help slow the body's absorption of alcohol.

An intake of water from time to time and in between each drinks also helps a lot in preventing a hangover the following day.But dealing with a hangover on the night before is a good way to start out. You can do this by taking a shower once you come back from your merriment and before you sleep drink enough water.Keep a water by your bedside as you may get up from time to time during the night and feel thirsty.


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