The Drug Speed can Make you Speed up or Slow Down

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New researcher came out that speed not only revs you up but contrary to popular belief it can also make you slow down


A new Canadian study is about to blow Montrealer’s ideas about what the drug speed does out of the water. When Montrealers think of speed, they think of people who are super revved up and can take on any task going. Though this may be true for people who are lethargic, it may not be true for everyone.

Speed up and slow down

The study was published in "Neuropsychopharmacology" and what they found was that rats who were slackers worked harder when using speed, but rats who worked well to begin with worked less. Thus, speed can go both ways. The researchers also found that it worked that way for other amphetamines as well.

Another misconceptions Montrealers have is that caffeine will perk you up. Well it turns out it helps the real workers but does nothing for the slackers, they can drink all the coffee they want it doesn’t necessarily make them work anymore than they did before.

The research was originally done with rats, but the researchers feel these findings can be transferred over to humans as well.

When starting the study they were interested in what caused people to make the decisions they do concerning the way in which they will work. For example, why do some people work hard for a promotion while others are content to get by doing the less amount of work possible?

The onus on doctors

The implication from this research is that caffeine and amphetamines will help some people and not others.

Now these findings are detrimental for certain types of workers like Montreal long distance truck drivers who drive long hours and need to stay awake when they are on the road. The research also leads to other medical breakthroughs. Now the onus is on Montreal doctors and doctors all over the world to realize that there is not a universal remedy for fatigue or shall we say laziness in some cases? Each case has to be treated differently. All of this may be by trial and error but one thing is for sure, more research is needed.

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Or it can kill you with time or quickly!

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