The Early Signs Of Cancer

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Do you know that you can easily save the life of somebody you love?- Get to know some early signs of cancer and act accordingly

The Early Signs Of Cancer

Cancer is a condition caused by unregulated growth of cells in the body. The conditions are diverse and are named according to the organs affected i.e. breast cancer, lung cancer among others. The growths can be a stationary abnormal growth referred to as benign tumors growths or malignant tumors which spread other organs. The good thing is that you can get to know the early signs of cancer.

Cancers are attributed to environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors, and if not treated can lead to serious illnesses and death. Treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy or radiation and treatment choice depends on the type of cancerous tumors, and on the extent to which the cancer has spread though the body. Treatment cost is very high. It can also be difficult when a tumor is spread through the body; hence, the need for early identification of symptoms.

Locally, stationary tumors or masses of tumor cells as they move through the transport system in the body can cause narrowing or total blockage of vital organs like the trachea and esophagus, among others. Swelling at the site where the growth is taking place like the neck, behind the head; and the presence of solid masses in soft organs like the breast and testicles; presence of body fluids like saliva and urine are all warning signs. After spreading to other organs lymph nodes, spleen, and liver may enlarge, pain may be felt in bones, abdomen and chest. General systemic symptoms include tiredness, excessive sweating, fever, fatigue, unintended weight loss, and changes to the skin.

The only sure way to escape the threatening consequences of delayed treatment of cancer is undergo screening and provide health education for behaviours change. Screening services should be made available and accessible to enable people know their cancer status. The early signs of cancer should not be overlooked at all.


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