The Early Signs Of HIV

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Early signs of HIV-What you need to know about early symptoms of HIV

Early signs of HIV

It is very important to know the early signs of HIV. Individuals who are infected with HIV begin to notice some symptoms as early as six weeks to three months after he or she becomes infected. Some individuals will develop noticeable symptoms like flu-like sickness. These symptoms occur while an infected person’s body is forming antibiotics to the virus itself, which include rash, fever and muscles aches.

The immune system in the human body will begin to droop and develop symptoms like swollen glands, lack of energy, recurrent fever and sweats, and frequent short-term memory loss. One might feel a persistent head ache because the virus has weakened the immune system. These early symptoms also provoke digestive symptoms that lead to development of nausea, regurgitation diarrhea, loss of appetite and of course substantial loss of weight. In addition, there is severe inflammation of the liver and pancreases. Tuberculosis can affect the individual, the bacterial will affect the lungs causing persisted coughs.

An individual can contract regular and severe herpes infections that cause mouth sores, anal sore and genital sores and painful nerve diseases known as shingles. For instance, women often experience chronic yeast infections, although both men and women can contact oral yeast infections. Lesion can form inside the mouth, or on the skin, these could be strong symptom to an individual. Extreme fatigue can be a symptom, but most people tend to ignore because it seems like a minor.

Early bruising and unexplained body rashes may not seem like much warring, but ignoring the symptoms does not prevent the virus from progressing. During the asymptomatic period, the virus is actively multiplying infecting and killing immune cells in the body. Virus can hide within the infected cells and lie idle, which reduce the number of CD4, T-cells found in the blood system. This virus gradually disables and destroys the cells in the body making your body weak to fight any diseases. These are some of the early signs of HIV.


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