The Effects of Caffeine on Human Health

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It is important to know whether taking or drinking coffee or any beverages containing caffeine is beneficial to our health.

The Effects of Caffeine on Human Health

Scientific research revealed that once caffeine is absorbed by the intestine through the bloodstreams and distributed in every major organs and systems on the body it alters moods or changes in behavior occur. When the person is stresses and he drink coffee the blood pressure rises and affects the heart and when there is palpitation then it is bad for the health.

This substance can be found in coffee, cola, tea, and chocolate. It is used worldwide without laws to restrict it. The most abused caffeine is in the coffee and cola. Soft drinks contain 10 to 50 milligrams of caffeine per servings. People may take it almost every day of their lives. In fact, in the modern world, these substances are on the line with entrepreneurial categories such as café with Internet, café with the other types of business, etc. they don’t consider the effects of caffeine in their health. Some teenagers use coffee and cola as ego boosters to feel like an adult.

The effect of this substance is directly in the brain and central nervous system, the effect of this substance is called “lift”, meaning to get started again for the tasks being done, after a “break for a cup of coffee,” or any beverages containing caffeine. It is a mental-conditioning, called habit –forming. Drinkers of coffee and other beverages do not realize the long-term effect of caffeine to the health.

It is important to know whether taking or drinking coffee or any beverages containing caffeine is beneficial to our health. Would this substance add life, as the advertisement says? Or make the relationships better and lasting. What would be the effect of caffeine in your life?

1. Substances containing caffeine produces restlessness, irritability, insomnia, stomach disorders, heart palpitations and heartburn.
2. Heavy coffee users may suffer headaches and fatigue when abruptly stopping the intake of the substance.
3. It is a risk for pregnant women to take too much coffee or any beverages containing caffeine because it causes for low birth weight baby or prone to miscarriage.
4. Excessive intake of the substance causes a short period of behavioral and mental depression and a long-term effect may likewise occur any time without warning.

A decaffeinated substance does not necessarily mean that it is zero percent caffeine free. Caffeine cannot be totally eradicated from coffee and/or other beverages. There is still a little or caffeine left in it.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

Funny thing is, I can drink iced tea all day long but, give me one cup of coffee and I am shaking like a leaf.
Good article.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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