The Empty Book Case or Bi-Polar Recovery Methods

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The methods of controlling Bi-Polar can be the use of the proper medications controlled by your Psych as well as self-help methods. Sharing some techniques can help make the difference in how a person lives their life.

Bi-Polar Disorder Discussed

Those who suffer from Bi-Polar have many different methods of coping with their daily lives and the use of a bookcase is often used in daily life problems. You might wonder at this point, what I mean about “The Empty Book Case” which I will explain in the following paragraphs. First, to explain the disorder Bi-polar or Manic Depressive Disorder a condition that affects many people. Those who suffer from this disorder usually are very happy one moment and then plummet to a deep depression. The condition can worsen with the person getting giddy or extra ordinary emotional. Then the person will go into a deep depression. This depression can even be so severe in some cases that the person may want to commit suicide.

Medical Help Provides Relief

Often a person who is Bi-polar needs to visit a Psychiatrist in order to get the right type of medication. This person is usually not mentally disturbed instead; they can be very smart with rather a high IQ. It is just that their emotions are not under control. The immo acids in their brain do not form and a medication is needed in order to help this process. The Psychiatrist uses the use of medicines like Ativan or Depakote in order to help the patient. The Psychiatrist is like a medical doctor as they can prescribe the right type of medicine and watch the patient carefully making sure that the patient does not have any ill effects from the medicines. It is important to check the patients’ blood and to watch how the patient reacts under the medication. In most cases, this is enough to help the patient control the Bi-Polar and live a normal life style.

Psychological Help

A person who suffers from Bi-Polar or commonly is known, as manic-depressive often need to use tools to help them keep their problem under control along with the medicines. Coping can be very difficult at times and requires different methods that are taught by a Psychologist. The old theory of talking things out on the Psychiatrists couch may work for some disorders but the Bi-Polar needs more than just a session or two talking over their problems. They need coping methods that will work at the time of the stress. One of the best-used methods is the request to talk to the hand. When a person is no longer able to cope with problems at hand, they may request that you talk to their hand while they are actually building a wall between you and the hand so that they do not feel the pressures. This works very well for many people.

The Empty Book Case Method

The other method used is to help the patient by letting them build a bookcase in their mind where they may place the different things in their life. The first shelf maybe full of family members that mean the most to them and perhaps special friends are included. The next shelf might contain medical problems and personal situations that cause the person to go into depression. The third shelf for example could be financial problems that face a person. The bookcase is full of the person’s life books that are important and/or problems that are hard to face. When a person is able to categorize these different situations then they start to check out the books one or two at a time.

It is important that a patient does not check out more books (problems) than they are able to handle. Instead, learning to cope means to be able to check out only one problem at a time if necessary. The person also learns not to mix problems for instance family and business. When a family member or friend owes person money then this is business. It should be treated as a business agreement and not let personal feelings intervene. Often the patient is inclined to give into the family member letting them continue to borrow money or do whatever they are doing. When this happens then the person feels betrayed or even resentful. It is best to put the business end on one shelf and the family member on the other. This is a very hard lesson because you then have to let the family member know that you love them but business is business and you do not want to hurt the relationship.

Summary Tips for Bi-Polar Disorder

This is just one example of mixing up problems. Often it can be a matter of financial and health problems that causes the Bi-Polar person to have problems that limit their ability to cope. That is why it is necessary to learn how to research each problem separately and find out how to resolve each situation individually instead of mixing all the problems together and getting even more frustrated. This can cause severe depression and anxiety attacks. The medication can help temporarily but it is important as well to learn how to cope with life’s problems. When a person learns how to take each problem off the shelf and find answers or ways to cope then eventually the Book Case becomes empty. When the Empty Book Case prevails in life then the person who suffers from Bi-polar usually is able to maintain a well-balanced life and live as they say happily ever after. In truth, no one lives happily ever after you must work on life’s problems on a daily basis and take the prescribed medication to keep the Bi-Polar Disorder under control.

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The ability to cope is not inherited when it comes to Bi-Polar Disorders instead it is learned technique.

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Well done.

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