The Grunt Work: How to heal yourself and keep yourself healed

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Think about this fact of life: When you are realistically positive, you tend to stay healthier. When you are negative and fearful, especially paranoid, the bad is more likely to happen to you. For, the real grunt work of life is not getting angry or destructive, especially when "you really want to". Without mincing words, I will talk about this seeming grunt work, and how cultivating a great self-image can make it easy or the easiest thing in the world.

The twenty one day formation of habits, from the mind up

I lifted that title of this section from Maxwell Maltz and his works, but the reality of what I am going to say here is totally mine. Start thinking realistically: It takes twenty one days to a month to properly form a habit, especially a beneficial habit, right? Yes, so, that may seem like a long time to many, and a short time to others. But, it is what it takes to create a habit usually. Now, I did not say anything about destroying a bad habit that has been done for twenty years quickly in twenty one days or three weeks, but with work and consistency, it can be done like a miracle, if it is done with enough gusto and passion.

But, the point to this section is that everything happens from the mind on up to everything else. All change and perception starts there. All else is an effect. We must approach the cause in this way if we do want to get anywhere.

Coming from here, I say the real grunt work is:

Keeping negative or bad habits going is the real grunt work, especially when you know better than to keep harming yourself. After all, when they say everything is hypnosis and mental understanding, this is what they mean. So, coming from here, I say that being destructive is genuine grunt work, and being productive and beneficial is always good, whatever the perception.

After all, doing that real grunt work is like playing to lose instead of playing to win. Winning feels natural anyhow, especially when it is honestly come by. Losing is unnatural, especially when cheating is attempted. Sure, you consciously want to win when you cheat, but what is underneath the consciousness has "other ideas". Why do you think even "winning cheaters" show guilt and remorse in subtle ways anyway?

So, I say with even more emphasis that the real grunt work is playing to lose instead of playing to win. After all, the only real gains can be positive, and the only real losses can be negative, so being purposely harmful is the sickest thing of all. Being beneficial to yourself is the most well thing you can do. I am not mincing words and I am keeping this short, so the ball is always in your court as to where you want to go.


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