The Health Significance Of Alternative And Usual Methods And Procedures In Hypertension Control

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Recently, herbal remedies have become popular. They may have other benefits, but unfortunately, there is no evidence that such supplements help control hypertension. The dangers of relying in unproven “nutritional supplements” are that it may inappropriately delay or prevent the use of well-proven and effective medications known to control hypertension. The safest way to ensure good nutrition is through a balanced varied diet instead of through nutritional supplements.

Monitoring Alternative Approaches

However, if you desire to use any alternative approach, first learn how to measure your blood pressure yourself. Then you can easily monitor the effects of these methods on lowering your blood pressure. If your blood pressure reads 140/90 mmHg and above, it means the method is ineffective. Always discuss with your doctor.

Self Measurement Of Blood Pressure

It is now a general recommendation to all patients to use a home monitor to check their BP at home between clinic visits. George Orwell was right when he said “helping others is good but teaching them to help themselves is better”.

The Device: You should use only arm occluding fully automatic electronic device with a digital display that show your BP reading and pulse. According to Michael Weber, MD, Progessor of medicine at the sunny Health Science Center in Brooklyn “the automated electronic equipment is very simple to use and very reliable. They are so accurate that many clinical trials are now actually using the same blood pressure machines”.


Taking blood pressure with an automatic monitor is easy to use and minimizes human error. But getting an accurate reading does have a few requirements.
• The patient should sit erect quietly and comfortably relaxed in a chair with their back supported and feet flat on the floor.
• If the patient is angry, excited or upset, the reading may not be typical
• The patient should apply the cuff on the left arm above the elbow joint, and now position their arm to be horizontal at the level of the base of the heart.
• The patient should hold the BP machine on their right palm such that they can conveniently manipulate the button with their right thumb.
• The patient should raise the machine to the same level as the arm such that the machine, their arm and their heart base are on the same horizontal level.
• The patient should now touch the start button which automatically triggers the machine to pump itself, stop at appropriate levels and display the result on the screen when the measurement is completed.
• While measurement is in progress, the patient should sit still, no movements and speaking.
• The patient then can read the systolic blood pressure and also the diastolic.
• The patient should repeat the same procedure in standing position. But wait for 3 minutes before re-inflating the cuff.
• All readings should be recorded and kept in a log of blood pressure, noting the time and date.
Readings below 140/90 mmHg cut off point is reassuring to continue to practice a healthy lifestyle behaviour and monitor the BP regularly to maintain normal level.

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