The Healthy Computer Geek's Diet

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Sitting in front of a computer all day long is probably not the "healthiest" activity in the world, but for many of us a necessity. What exactly can we do to at least supply our body with the essential nutrients to assure ourselves of good eye-sight, quick brain function and reaction times and the all important good digestion now and in future to enjoy our work (and play) in front of the screen.

The Healthy Computer Geek´s Diet

Is there really a healthy diet for geeks? Yes and no. The same principle applies to everybody who wishes to be healthy, but people working with computers need especially brain foods as in nuts, especially walnuts, and they need to do something for their eyes and the best for them is still the old carrot! A well working digestive tract is also needed and guaranteed by eating the plants of the cabbage family plus fresh, wild greens from our dandelions for example.

So let's remember: We are what we eat!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is still true, but nobody does it! Eat the apple raw, grate it and mix it with honey or natural yoghurt or fry it in butter or eat dried apple slices, compote with raisins or apple sauce with cinnamon, whatever it takes, eat this apple! Every day! There are so many varieties to choose from and so many recipes!

Real computer people find a way to do something for their health! To the right of the screen 3 apples, to the left of the screen a mixture of nuts and raisins, no better brain food available!

Still hungry for micro-nutrients?

So simple, so good: English coleslaw. Grate a carrot, cut some fresh cabbage finely, add a bit of mayonnaise, salt, vinegar, oil and a bit of cayenne pepper (good for the eyes again) and be healthy and happy! Yes, the cabbage leave has some "happy making" nutrients that some scientist found recently. Try it! Just eat a small, fresh cabbage leaf - almost instant feeling of happiness! And pick a few small fresh leaves of dandelions and you have taken care of all micro-nutrients. Once in your body, they can enjoy doing their work and you yours!

Need more vitamins? Choose from the sheer endless variety of seasonal fruits, so delicious, so nutricious and easy to eat. That's the nutrients that go straight to the brain!

Need some carbs? A boiled potatoe or a slice of wholemeal bread will oblige.

Need some fat? Try to stick to native olive oil or good fresh butter - good unrefined fats in small quantities, never mind what "other people" say.

Need some protein? So many good cheeses and natural yoghurts are available and they are not as "heavy" as meat or meat products. A big meat dinner makes the brain tired, so why eat it if it's not required for an alert brain?

Variety and small quantities of good, organically, fresh food are required for a person sitting in front of a screen every day.

There is no way anybody can pretend that the above is too much work, because it's less work and less time consuming to make and eat a dandelion sandwich than waiting for a microwave dinner to get hot. And the same applies to the comforting winter cabbage/leek/dandelion/carrot/potatoe soup! Just cook a big pot of it! A few portions can even be kept in the freezer and what pretty girls behind the stage wisper to each other is: This soup is slimming!

And then there are those little notebooks with mobile internet connection, so one can work with the computer, go for a walk to fetch dandelions and then cook all at the same time without feeling stressed out one little bit! The dandelion will wait to be plucked until we've quickly written down our best idea ever!

So get out of that chair, get organised and at least try this approach to health. It is a guaranteed winner if at the same time you get rid of all cakes, biscuits, energy bars and drinks, white bread and fast food. Throw the stuff out and don't buy it again!

And last not least: Prepare your food with love! There is a very subtle energy in foods prepared with love and one CAN taste and feel the difference!!!

My favourite recipes when working for hours in front of a computer:

Natural yoghurt mixed with a spoon of honey and grated almonds or nuts

Coleslaw (grated or finely cut up cabbage and carrot, mayonnaise, salt, pepper)

Potatoe in their jacket with cream cheese + herbs

Winter soup (sufficient water, stock cube + cut up vegetables like potatoe, leek, carrot, cabbage, add a little cream or butter)

Summer salad (cut up lettuce, avocado, tomatoe, cucumber, onion, add a few dandelion leaves, cover with Thousand Island Sauce and pine kernels)

Cooked apples (cut up apples and boil in water with raisins and sugar and when ready, add a bit of cinnamon and ginger powder)

Marmite soldiers (buttered, wholemeal toast with Marmite cut into handy strips)

Egg soldiers (buttered wholemeal toast cut into strips to dunk into soft boiled egg)

Egg or tuna mayonnaise with wholemeal toast

Mashed banana mixed with white or natural cream cheese or yoghurt and honey

Avocado (cut lengthwise, remove stone and fill hole with lemon juice and honey)

Mixed fresh fruit salad topped with whipped cream

Prepare a plate with nuts and a variety of dried fruit and nibble away

A real good drink to accompany the above is natural red grape juice. Add ice and a bit of lemon in summer or warm up and add a little cinnamon, cloves and slices of orange in winter!



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