The History of Medicine

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This article covers information about history of medicine. How home ingredients were used as medicine in ancient time.

The History of Medicine

Were you aware the oldest medicine book in the world is the Egyptian Papyrus Ebers which was rediscovered in 1873.It contains a collection of more than 800 medical problems, diagnoses and recipes and lo and behold half of these call for the use of honey to cure them! They still work.

Mmmm, sweet honey and old remedies definitely go hand in hand. This delectable condiment is not just sweet, but it's very good for you, too.Used in moderation, medicinal honey medical benefits may just challenge those of modern medicines other more popular, but often poisonous concoctions.
And best of all, it's natural and you really don't have to do anything to get it, except maybe coax a few bees away from their bee hives for a moment.Let's take a look at honey's role in the history of medicine, and how it is coming back into favor today.
Old Remedies and Ancient Medicine Uses
When you have a sore throat, did your mother give you a tablespoon of honey in some hot tea or make you a honey and lemon drink to make you feel better? I bet most of you still use these old remedies today!
You may have thought this sweet beverage was all about love, which of course it was, but let’s think again.People in past centuries have known all about honey's curative properties and just what it can do even if they didn't know why.
Some Reasons for Honey Cures
Traditionally, it's been used for indigestion, healthy eyes and eye disease, baldness, smallpox, and even for help when trying for a baby.We might have a little laugh about that ourselves today, but perhaps we should pause for a moment.
That's because honey has some pretty amazing antimicrobial properties, and bacteria and other nasty little organisms don't like it very much.
That's some pretty positive stuff when you consider that we are increasingly facing "superbug" threats, what with our overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial soaps to try to eradicate germs completely.
When Did People Start Using
Honey Cures?

Now historically, of course, people didn't know this although Hippocrates is famous for his use of honey and ancient medicine. But they had some pretty amazing powers of observation.
Old remedies still used now to heal burns, scalds and scars include the use of honey and cinnamon A very effective combination.
As an example, at first throughout the history of medicine they did know or realise that when they put raw honey on a wound, it miraculously did not become infected and healed quite nicely, however, they did quite quickly come to realise this.
The sticking plaster had not been invented, thankfully for them because they hurt when you pull them off don’t they!
Dressings then didn't stick to open wounds when raw honey straight from the hive was used as an ointment which made them heal faster.And often the wounds themselves healed with little to no scarring, which was another bonus.
Ancient Medicine Works
In Some Cases
Burns, too, were shown to heal faster, with a faster granulation of tissues occurring, which helped speed up the healing process.
Similarly, people in ancient times used it as an all over tonic and soother during illness and for simple enjoyment.
For example, it has been found that when honey is taken internally, it reduces damage and irritation causes to the stomach and colon during stomach upsets, colitis and effective in the treatment of IBS Symptoms something those in ancient medicine already knew.
And of course, because of its pleasant taste, it was unlike any other medicine or oral preparation used, in that there were usually no vile tastes to put up with in order to get the benefits of eating honey and swallowing the medicine itself.
Famous people throughout
Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, this man was a genius to whom all doctors still admire to this day and abide by the Hippocratic Oath.
The great philosopher Aristotle recommended honey to treat eye infections to keep healthy eyes and the aforementioned open wounds, while Muhammad recommended honey for the treatment of diarrhoea.

Dioscorides used his ancient medicine to treat ulcers and although he knew it worked, he probably did not know why but we do today.
It was also used to treat other digestive disorders and upsets. These old remedies are just as effective today and throughout the history of medicine have been referred to as essential to our good health.
Cough, sore throats, and respiratory ailments were treated with a dose of honey, too. This works because honey's antimicrobial properties can heal while it eases pain and has the effect of soothing raw surfaces, while its antimicrobial effects kill the bacteria causing the problem in the first place.
More Benefits of Ancient Medicines
Some studies have shown that the ancients knew about honey's anti-inflammatory benefits, too, in that people who took raw honey along with its contents of Propolis and the health benefits of pollen which are not included in some of the fake pasteurized versions today, could often soothe allergic reactions, especially hay fever type symptoms of the nose and eyes and even as a nasal swab.
Always use a Good Raw or Organic Honey for Your Old Remedies
In fact, some medical experts are saying that what the ancients did in treating various infections with honey cures can certainly rival what today's medicines can do.
And it's ancient medicine which is returning back into popularity more and more, especially with the failure of some of our more modern medicines, like unnatural antibiotics which quite often only line the pockets of the big boys in today’s drug companies.
What Else made Honey Cures so Great
We know today that when diluted, honey slowly releases a diluted form of hydrogen peroxide; this is what makes it an effective antibacterial and antimicrobial medicine.
Ancient medicine revisited in modern times
Many experts are now rethinking the western stance on honey as mostly simply something to sweeten our tea or to spread on bread.
Although our modern pasteurized versions of honey cannot exhibit the same healing properties as the raw honey ancients had access to, we can of course recultivate the use of raw honey for these purposes by stopping our interference with nature.
Perhaps the most famous of all healing honeys is Manuka honey. Dr Peter Molan has used this honey so effectively it is also recognised as a gangrene treatment.
However, old remedies used throughout the history of medicine have included many other types of honey.
And now, our new experts like Dr Peter Molam are taking a look at this newly discovered ancient medicine which has been known about throughout the history of medicine and are again working on developing it for medical and health uses today.
Joe Traynor has written an amazing book titled "The Gourmet Medicine" which is well worth reading if you are seeking a furhter expert opinion.
Luckily for us they are once again bringing medicine history to life with this huge revival in the benefits of honey and its old remedies we can learn to enjoy once again.
It is therefore vital that our experts find a cause and cure for the plight our honeybees face called Colony Collapse Disorder because if the honey bees become extinct so will our old remedies known throughout the history of medicine, too scary a thought for me, how about you? Read also about the apple juice health benefits.


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28th Jul 2015 (#)

Natural remedies are best suitable for us except when others are the only alternative.

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine in India for over thousands of years. Some medicine men were able to cure even stubborn diseases with their unique concoctions from plants.

Thanks Jennifer for this share highlighting healing properties of honey - siva

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