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To my way of thinking "just do it" is not just a catch phrase or an interesting little saying, but a way of life, a way of getting through life. Have you ever noticed that the most successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly when they work, and the least successful people cannot make up their minds quickly and change too quickly in key areas. I will give pieces of wisdom and understanding that will shed light on this subject:

A lesson we can all learn from our teacher, the soul master

"You know for some time now, I've been taking the backseat on something that I feel I have a standing point
So I feel that it's time I come out of hiding, and I let you know how I feel about the situation

You see

It's time for you to get a second helping
Of this thing called soul
Right of the hand from the man
Who has always been in control

You see I'm the soul master
I'm the guy that they named soul after
Soul master

Now I've got a thing
I don't believe you've seen before
It's guaranteed to please
Because it's the key that opens pleasure doors

I'm the soul master
I'm the guy that they named soul after
Number one soul brother, can't you see girl

You need someone to give you strength
When yours is gone

Reach out your hand

He may have been cool
But he was still in school
And I was his teacher

You see, I'm the soul master
I'm the guy they named soul after
Soul master, oooh baby

Say you need someone
to give you strength
when yours is gone"

I put this song into the article as an opener, because it screams genuine objective based confidence of a person who knows what, why and when it is in life. See, the confidence to be, do and have in the right ways is the starter package for success. But the closing package is the ability to genuinely follow through with confidence whatever the obstacles or whatever. For example, in China, who remembers Deng Xiaoping seriously from 1989 at the Tienamen Square protests as much as the man who stood in front of the tank in the infamous picture known only as the "Tank Man". Deng Xiaoping was just another leader, but "Tank Man" is remembered more as a man who stood alone with genuine courage and soul. But who remembers Mao Zedong that fondly or Deng Xiaopeng or any of their glorious leaders with as much courage and fondness as "Tank Man" in memory?

The genuine confidence comes from the soul and spirit, not from anything outer. That is the secret of success in my reality book. In fact, on this I turn to Charles Francis Haanel, author of The Master Key System:

"You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do."

This is the genuine key to success in anything made into a small pill able to be swallowed and drank down easily as the best medicine for failure. Any failure, temporary or "permanent".

A Strong Enough "why"!

'He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.'

Now, is that not the honest truth? Friedrich Nietzsche said that quote above. But here is the context I use it in: We all must know why we are doing anything for the how to genuinely work meaning, our justification is our reason. Why do you think all the "Rocky" movie sequels really happened? Sure, we could say the money argument and all of that crap as usual, but let us look at a deeper mythology here: Who in the hell wants to "know" that failure really is permanent? Even the worst of us do not. I mean, if Hitler could have succeeded even with all the sappy guilt and success blockers within him he had, he would have. That is my point, no one really wants to fail. Everybody from the worst of us to the best of us wants to succeed with or without a strong enough "why".
After all, my favorite saying from the original "Rocky" movie was not "Yo! Adrian!" But, this one: "There ain't gonna be no rematch!" from boxer character and World Champion in the first two movies, Apollo Creed. After all, when "Rocky II" came out in 1979, and "Rocky III" in 1983, I could see the line that went through it all even then, nobody wants to believe that loss is permanent and redemption is impossible, no one. I get it. Redemption is the strongest why we can have, really.

Work, wOrk, woRk, worK!

We must work if we really do want to eat. Even if we bring the fork or spoon up to our mouths, we must at least do that. Nothing is free, even the decision to live that we make. I get it, everything is work, everything relating to survival is serious, and everything related to succumbing is nothing. What do you think LaFayette Ronald Hubbard's Scientology and Dianetics really are about at the genuine core of them in theory and practice anyhow. We all must survive, and be strong. The ultimate redeemed person is the survivor. The ultimate loser is the person who genuinely gives up. I get it. Even Henry Ford got it when his piston did not kick even once through the electric battery the first hundred times for the first automobile experiment. When Lewis Latimer wrote up the schematics for the light bulb with the idea of tungsten as a conductor, all experiments stopped and fulfillment of the biggest dream of incandescent light was on the horizon and Alexander Graham Bell did not give up until the final turn of the screw where he could talk on the "contraption" known as the telephone. I get it. The credit goes to the person who does, no matter what, not the almost, not the near, but the one who does. After all, the guy who worked with Henry Ford was said to be a "better mechanic than Henry Ford" over all, but in the end Henry Ford carried out the idea fully while the other guy remained in the garage working the same job. The more effective the work, the more productive the persistence.


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