The Life Of A Conscious Clown, alternatively titled: Is It Serious?

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In the movie "Eddie and the Cruisers", the lead character said about college life that it is not better than anything else, just different. Well, I am now saying that about consciousness: No consciousness is better than another, just different. It all depends on perspective really, for real happiness or real sadness is what you make of it.

This is why and this is why not

When you have genuine and tangible reasons behind everything, you have your why. When you are blind, unconscious and have no clue, you do not know why not. Everything is perspective, and no perspective is better, all perspectives are different. But when you have the reason why you are doing anything in a genuine way, you are ahead of the game or genuinely better than the one just "taking the action" or "going through the motions" without knowing why.

In this game of life when we do not know the genuine why, we are all wondering clowns with big questions and all of them consist of why. Some grin, lie, "play poker" and ask, some frown, complain, are straightforward and ask, but that is what it all comes down to: Why? When you have your why, that is when the clowning stops, and reality begins.

It is serious when you know why, but "when you don't know nothin', it ain't serious"

When you know why you are doing something, it makes life and existence that much better, the value of what you are doing just came up a few levels in reality. But when you do not know why you are doing something and are just going through the motions that mean nothing to you, what value is it? That is why I say in the title, "when you don't know nothing, it is not serious" in a silly and colloquial manner, because that is the size of reality when it means nothing to you. So, start thinking, is what you are doing a valuable exercise, or does it mean nothing?

Of Value versus Not Valuable

Reality to be valuable comes down to what we can take seriously in it at our best. That statement and first sentence of this section propels this article to another level, because everything that matters to us genuinely is a value judgement as a whole, right down to what we can or cannot take seriously in existence and life. When something is really valuable, and you know it: Seize opportunity! It is serious. If it is not valuable, do some serious checking of your premises.

Realistically, if there is value to any action, it will manifest itself in value to us personally. Without value, do not take the next step is my personal advice to you. If it is of value, then do what is needed and wanted on it immediately or in relation to what you need it for. After all, what matters is reality, little else other than that matters. What do you think every valid system of value and exchange is based on anyhow? This question cannot be answered by me, but by your own judgement as it is answered by my own judgement. After all, in this article, I can only advise, not judge.

Indeed, that is another thing: Those who judge for others, and do more than advise are treading very rocky waters, unless they know the genuine "why answers" to all questions and realities. I mean, ideally in this sense, only objective God's law or realistic existence without bias can judge or at best in our human parlance, a person that looks at everything honestly with all the genuine facts can really judge anything for sure, but most things being what they are, I would leave it mostly to objective God and realistic existence without bias if given the choice. Indeed, I am saying that objective and honest judgement is always valuable whether you know why or why not. After all, only honesty is genuine, everything else is a clown's choice because judgement is the most serious thing in existence.

I remember my parents saying something to the effect, that: "no human being can judge." I agree with that. For, human judgement at even its best is a best guess value judgement at times, like "build a better mouse trap, and the world may beat a path to your door". That may or may not work, but one thing is for certain, if you genuinely have all the genuine facts, you have the genuine right to judge when you are in the objective understanding of all genuine facts, and can genuinely be neutral as a party. If you cannot, keep your hands off of it if you are honest because no matter how you look at it the facts, or what is of value always wins. No matter what the viewpoint, the facts of reality win, and the lies always lose. Think about it. Without the facts on our side, we are all clowns anyway. If nobody else knows it and we play successful poker outside ourselves, we will know the reality inside. That is where we genuinely win or not.


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