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True wealth is never permanent if you forget key attitudes in your life. Gratitude is one of them. Read how you can make gratefulness work to attain true, permanent wealth.

GRATITUDE? What is it?

Middle English, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin gratitudo , from Latin gratus grateful.

The state of being grateful: thankfulness, a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. acknowledgement, acknowledgment, appreciation, appreciativeness, gratefulness, praise, recognition, thankfulness, thanks, valuation

Merriam-webster dictionary/

Gratitude is a word, more often than not, taken for granted. There is a great discrepancy between saying it and demonstrating it with heartfelt deeds. Did you know that people who are constantly truly grateful to life, God, Nature and other fellow humans, never see dark but light?

No, my friends this is not just another punch line, a teaser or a keyword to launch your SEO through the infinity and beyond. It is one of the most powerful attitudes in life. My purpose to focus on gratitude aims at discovering its benefits and put them into practice on an everyday basis.

Everybody knows the colloquial definition of gratitude; notwithstanding most ignore its genuine connotation. First of all, gratitude is not a standalone attitude or feeling; it goes along with humility, honesty in one´s own emotions and it´s far from being a fad.

Gratitude/Why is it taken for granted?

People sometimes use the word because they have seen it written in countless articles about the law of attraction, how to´s, conditions for “rebirth”, they heard it from a friend, or it becomes “trendy” in certain circles. Even though it is widely connected with religious beliefs.

Perhaps because of its being widely related to religion, many have a certain attitude of disbelief towards its true power. For those of you who feel this to be a hindrance, I tell you that you do not have to be a devotee of any religious tendency to experiment gratitude and benefit from it.

If believing in gratitude´s proven magnificence makes you follow a religious leader or a specific religion it is born out of your own experience and decision, but the rules apply to everybody indistinctively. Whether your belief is pantheistic, spiritualistic, atheistic or firmly religious; authentic gratitude begins in the silence of your heart.

It doesn´t have to be sifted through the scrutinizing mesh of others´ viewpoints. No, my friend! You hold the key. Whatever you want to unlock with it is entirely up to you, and since you are the only one responsible for that choice, you must choose wisely.

Gratitude/how can we focus on it?

In an article I wrote about the Universal laws as proposed by The Kybalion (5000BC), are mentioned ( Cause and Effect, Rhythm, Correspondence, Mentalism). I bring this fact to light because all Universal laws act imbricatedly to one another; they do not act separately and so occurs with gratitude as well. Let me dissect this in an example for you:

If you pretend to be grateful, your friend may not notice it, but your mind knows, the universe does too, and certainly the Creator does too. I remember a phrase my deceased father used to tell me always: “If I fool myself, I know I am fooling myself, therefore if I know I fool myself, I´d better do not”.

There isn´t a greater truth than that. The person who is hurt the most with a fake attitude is nobody but yourself. Stop your reading for a minute, just right this instant, and ask yourself with your hand in your heart and your mind in sincerity: “Is this what I want to get from life? Do I sincerely wish to harm myself and others in the process?” You do not have to answer me, friend. Talk to your heart. You´ll know what to do.

Should you, reading these lines think that you do not care, ponder about this: Would you be happy if somebody causes any of your relatives (mom, dad, sis, bro, children, etc.) or friends some kind of harm? I doubtfully believe it! The first thing you should be grateful for is your life. Remember that!

Make sure you wake up in the morning and voice out sincere thanks for living through another day. Be thankful for everything you have, be thankful that you are here in this beautiful and warm community and you are appreciated. Return gratitude to others with a joyful heart. How? you would ask…

Help people without expecting anything in return except a sincere “thank you”. Take time off from what you love to do and share it with someone you haven´t contacted for long. Lend an ear. Sometimes people just want to be listened to, nothing else. Do not mix money or buying gifts into this, unless you truly want to and can afford it. A good deed is worth a thousand words.

I want to share with you now a few thoughts about gratitude that I have learned from a fellow countryman who´s been at this way longer than I have. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me:

Gratitude/ some quotes and thoughts about it

·" Gratitude is the solvent that dilutes complaints

· Gratitude is the magick touch that attracts abundance

· Gratitude is the decision of not becoming a renegade

· Gratitude is the possibility of opening the gates of joy

· Gratitude is the best proof of humility

· Be grateful for being, for having, for winning, for losing, for going and coming, for trying, for erring, for knowing, for feeling

· If you are grateful, your spiritual account will yield wondrous interest rates

· If you are grateful, your eyes will see new colors

· If you are grateful, you will not hear noise but melodies

· If you are grateful, you will become invincible

· If you are grateful, your life will be a perennial caress

· Do not complain about hearing someone crying, celebrate you can hear it

· Do not complain about the past, be grateful that you have lived

· Do not complain about your family, be happy for you are not alone

· The glass is always half full, never half empty

· There are not things you forget, there are things you remember

· It is a matter of focus. You choose to see virtues or defects, to punish or reward. You have two chips. Be grateful for everything

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author avatar Natasha Head
18th Jun 2010 (#)

We are grateful for you dear friend, for allowing the choice to be grateful such a simple decision to make. With Very Sincere Thanks! Natasha

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author avatar Mystique1957
18th Jun 2010 (#)

Tasha... Thank You for always being there! Being ever present with laughter, positive feelings and smile! You´re one of the warmest Canadian persons I´ve ever met. I am grateful for your friendship!
Warmest hugs and infinite heavenly blessings,

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