The Nature Of Group Reality

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This article was written to express my thoughts on the illusion of group reality.

Reality And Spiritual Awareness

The concept of Reality is one of my favorite subjects because of the hidden illusions behind the whole belief systems we were taught. With the current knowledge available to us today through Quantum Physics and Higher Spiritual Thinking we now know that thoughts become things if we focus enough attention and intention on them.

At what point does what we think actually become real ..... and real to whom?

We have learned that thought forms are energy that science has told us lay outside of three dimensional reality. In other words, this energy (thoughts) have no mass, no size, and do not exist in the solid form that are defined by the three dimensions. Yet, they are the beginning process that, given enough attention and intention can eventually become something solid within our world.

The current process for this transmutation of this thought energy goes something like this.

1) We have a thought or idea of what we would like to have, be or do.

2) We then compare that thought with something in our previous experience to find a starting point "action" point.

3) We then follow up with continuous action or "doing".

4) We check in with the actions to see if we are progressing to our manifestation of the thought.

5) We continue to do this and adjust the actions by bringing in new data until we mold the original thought into solid form in our reality.

6) We then continue to focus on the solid form we have created to keep it in our experience.

This is the process we use to manifest what we want in our reality.

Now that you can see the process, let us begin to talk about the different aspects of creating "Group Reality" or group awareness. The only difference here is that a thought form is now believed by more than one person.

Most of our group reality is learned from other people and the "truths" that the people in that culture believe in from past experience. When we are born, we are taught the group reality of our immediate environment and as we grow up this reality expands to include more of our world. With the creation of the Internet this process has expanded exponentially!

One thing to keep in mind about the concept of reality is that just because we were taught to believe it as true does not mean that it is! What we are taught is simply an example of a map or overlay that we choose as a reference point to maintain the current perspective so that we can continue to form our reality along that line. What most people do not realize is that we can change this reference point at any time and begin to create a new or parallel reality from the new point in time.

Let me give you and example of how the illusion of reality can change at any moment based on the information we take in. Suppose you were invited to an arena or large room and when you get there it is filled with all people of completely different cultures that have nothing in common. All of these people can represent different aspects of reality based on their past experiences.

Now let's say you were in the room with all these other people (or reference points) and you had some challenges in communicating with one another due to the diversity of the group. At this point in time you would all be people with different points of reality and very little in common. This would limit the group reality to just the basics such as the size of the room, the colors of the walls and floor and perhaps the dimensions that most of you could agree a upon. You'll find that even these simple points can be subjective as well!

So now, let us say that someone comes into the room with a microphone and steps up to the podium and says "you were all chosen to be here today because of your interest in a certain sitcom that you all watch regularly". For example let's say it is a soap opera (The Young And The Restless perhaps) and when he mentions it everyone goes "oh yes I like that show, etc."

At that point, not only does everyone in the room have the same point of reference, they now have dropped whatever reality they had when they entered the room such as perhaps, prejudice, or fear of isolation, etc., and have formed an instant bond or group reality that they can now all agree upon and begin participating in a group reality.

What has occurred in this example? They are all the same people with diverse beliefs and experiences that were separate from each other until a common reference point was brought to there attention.

Can you see now how nebulous the concept of reality truly is?


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Great article – Thanks for sharing

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