The Power Of Confidence

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Many people talk about the power of having confidence in yourself and in who you are. I share a story that made me realize that confidence is something that I shall and will always have in myself from that day to now and into the future.

Here Is A Story of Confidence

Joshua Goodlow here again and I want to share with you a story of confidence gained one day that has gotten healthier, better and stronger every since one faithful day.

College is one of those experiences that many young Americans go through each year. And I can safely say that college is an experience that can definitely make or break you. For me, up until this one special day, college was breaking me and making me feel so lost confused and unsure of who and what I was in life. However, that feeling of having a lack of confidence disappeared with one life-changing event.

Similar to now at 27 years old in my life, I loved to go running. Usually I go running for about 5 miles and back then at 22 years of age was no exception. One day I was making my way back to my dorm room after completing one of my runs. Suddenly a smart, witty, beautiful female, a girl who was part of a modeling troop on campus, approached me with a unexpected conversation.

“Hey G-Low…” she said in a seductive yet re-assuring voice, “I see that you workout a lot and that you are always running. You have a very sexy body. Have you ever heard of this event on campus called the Body Beautiful Contest?”

“No” I replied with a voice of confusion and intrigue. “What is it?” Well after asking this question I was in for a boatload of information. The model went on to tell me that this contest was held every year on campus. The contest was all about going out there on stage, in front of the whole campus and showing yourself, your confidence and your body. There were to be judges there and she told me that although many females on campus participated in the contest, they were having a tough times finding males to be in the contest. As an extra perk, the contestants were going to be featured in a 12-month calendar, each of us adoring over a different month.

I thought that this would be cool so I decided to participate in the event. The model was right. There weren’t that many guys in the competition. The first thing that I asked myself was why. Maybe it was because they didn’t have the confidence to go out there on stage like I did. It seems as if the confidence came out of nowhere and it was much needed at this time in my life, especially for this event.

There were different categories in the competition, ranging from general modeling of clothes, to swimsuit wear, sports wear and finally a section of the competition called ‘It’s Whatever!’ The ‘It’s Whatever’ section was an all out area of the competition where you were able to go out there in the most bare minimum of clothes as possible and become as nasty or raunchy as you wanted to be.

This was the area of the competition to so-called ‘letting it all out’ and in front of hundreds of students on campus I walked onto the stage with a towel wrapped around me. Several female students were really excited to see me in the audience. Their screams of arousal and excitement echoed all over the mid sized auditorium. Finally, done with my somewhat exotic exploitations, I walked off of the stage and disappeared back into the curtains, backstage.

At the end of the competition, each contestant was asked why he or she should be Mister or Misses Body Beautiful. Each contestant said their answer, and then we all stood on the stage for the judges to get a final look at us, as well for the student body to cheer us on and congratulate us on our personal showmanship.

When the contest was over many students both male and female came to me and said that I did a great job. Some of the guys told me that they needed to become like me and go workout and go running like I did, while the females told me that I had a sexy body and had no idea that I looked that good without my shirt on and in swimming trunks.

It was at that moment that I realized that I had made a profound change in my life. I realized that confidence is a key factor that will get you through any situation in life and that when you are confident, people will know and feel that energy and vibration coming from you. They will wish to become as strong and confident as you are.

On that day, I made the decision to never be ashamed of me again. I made the decision to always have confidence in myself and never be ashamed of myself naked in front of a mirror or in front of people ever again. I made the decision to never let anyone’s negative opinion about me stop me from having confidence in myself. I will always love myself and have a confident attitude for the rest of my life.

So what is the moral of the story? Always have confidence in yourself, because if you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one else will. Confidence in ones self, in ones ability and gifts is what will cause you to break all walls of fear and doubt down. So believe in yourself and have confidence in who and what you are.

Everything else will come into place for you.

I love you.

This is Joshua Goodlow… signing of


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Totally true, thank you, I will post to Facebook.

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