The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

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The mind-body connection is a very strong one. Use it to your advantage. Are you ready to start surrounding yourself with supportive, positive people? Do it for you!!!

The Mind-Body Connection is wonderful if we choose to use it for the positive

Years ago after having an illness that kept me in bed for nine months, the mind-body connection became the core of my healing process.

When interviewed by a newspaper, I said the following:

"Your mind is so strong that you can, with your physiology, bring yourself down. What I was doing was making myself more and more depressed as time went on because I was in bed and couldn't do things I normally did. I was actually making myself worse."

I told her I felt there was no excuse for not living a healthy, productive lifestyle.

I was able to turn my life around and become a more positive, focused person. It made me grateful for all I had and not think about what I didn't have. When you go through an illness where you are basically bedridden, you realize all the things that seemed little or you took for granted before the illness were huge. Simple things like walking, pouring a cup of coffee, being able to dance, blow drying your hair, getting dressed become things that you are grateful for.

I made it my life's mission to help others through my own experiences from that day on.

Fear will hold you back

I do my best to show people how fear can hold them back from experiencing so many things in life and how you sometimes just need to step out of their box aka get out of your comfort zone. It's amazing how when we come out of our comfort zone our whole life can change.

I totally believe in the mind-body connection because it wasn't until I changed my mind that I was able to change the severe pain in my body along with the depression.

A commitment to being healthy

I feel that you have to work at being healthy and fit. It's like any other commitment you make, except this one is all about you...all about being healthy. To me, that is more important than anything in life. It's funny how we realize that more and more as we get older.. I don't have a perfect body but I am back on my journey to losing the body fat and weight I recently gained and I'm okay with that. I'm okay with me.

I use exercise and a healthy eating, visualization, vision boards, positive thinking and affirmations to get me through the positive and negative times in life. "Whatever you focus on is what you get, positive or negative, so why not focus on the positive? Right?

No more negative self talk or negative people!

My belief is there's no age or weight limit to achieving your goals. I feel that some people, including myself, get caught up in negative self talk and let themselves be influenced by negative people that can adversely affect their outlook on life. Do you know what I say about that? Stop the insanity! Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support your outlook, your goals, and your dreams. It's a choice; your choice. You get to stand in a place of picking and choosing who you want in your life. Remember that. Life doesn't happen to you; you are in control.

I learned from one of the great motivational CD's I listened to years ago "Whatever you get excited about gets excited about you." If you have supportive people in your life, share your dreams with them. If they are not supportive and will discourage you or try to put your ideas or you down, don't's okay.


You can make yourself sick or you can make yourself well. You can be happy or you can be sad. You can live a life of heartache and sorrow or you can choose to roll with the punches. You can act instead of reacting. You can learn to grow. You can change your mind to change your body. I did!

If you're consistent, persistent and stay focused, you can get almost anything you want out of life.


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My life mission is to help others to achieve their goals & create the life of their dreams by sharing my experiences with them. I believe in "The Law of Attraction" & manifestation.

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author avatar Songbird B
29th Jul 2011 (#)

An excellent and positive article, Mar...It is all too easy to feel sorry for yourself when you are restricted, but it is only a challenge to overcome. Well done on having the strength to do this and to move forward..

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
29th Jul 2011 (#)

Thank you .. .and thank you for always sharing your thoughts and wisdom and for reading my articles. I appreciate it Songbird.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
29th Jul 2011 (#)

"Whatever you get excited about gets excited about you." I love that. Thanks for a grest share, Mar.

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
29th Jul 2011 (#)

You are welcome.. I love that toooooo and it is so true.

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author avatar Val Mills
30th Jul 2011 (#)

So much wisdom here! Nice article and I thoroughly agree with you. A freind once told me that each morning when we wake we can choose to be happy or choose to be unhappy that day!

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
30th Jul 2011 (#)

It's so true...everything's a choice Val.. I always say...whether you make a choice or you don''s still a choice.

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
3rd Aug 2011 (#)

I love your positive attitude, Mar. Nice article. I think you might be interested in my article, 'Understanding the Chakra System.' Thank you for another inspiring article..

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author avatar Marion Licchiello
4th Aug 2011 (#)

Thanks again Carol. I will check out your article soon. I studied the Chakra System years ago when I was doing Reiki, Kinesiology and Hypnosis.

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