The Powerful Habanero Pepper

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You can make hot sauce with Habanero peppers. They are the spiciest, hottest peppers in the world. The hottest part of the pepper is the inner walls of the pepper not the seeds. The heat from these peppers are known to stimulate metabolism. Just by eating 6 grams habanero pepper you will burn 45 calories for three hours.

Benefits of Habanero Peppers

These lovely peppers provide vitamins and minerals. Such as Vitiam A, and contain 357% more vitamin C than an orange, The green habanero pepper has twice as much as citrus fruit and the red habanero peppers have three times more. Habanero peppers contain Vitamin B9 (folic acid), and is very high in potassium, magnesium and iron. All these victims help build collagen for our bones, teeth and connective tissues and helps maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin. These hot peppers also contain amino acids that regulate body functions like your mood and sleep and also helps prevent heart attacks or strokes caused by blood clots. Eating these peppers can also clear up mucus from stuffed noses or congested lungs.

Habanero Pepper Sauce

I put a lot of pepper in the foods I eat, I just love it hot. I cannot do without it. I buy these hot peppers at Walmart. I wash them and put them in a blender with a half cup of vinegar to make them into a hot sauce. Sterilize a glass bottle to put your sauce in; it can be store in the fridge and it last quite a long time.

Everyone should add Habanero Peppers to their diet, they are loaded with health benefits, give it a try! You will get hooked on them, they are very cheap and available everywhere.


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7th Jun 2014 (#)

i prefer the green peppers

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14th Aug 2014 (#)

I like hot peppers - but in moderation

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