The Psychiatric Relevance Of Stress As a Huge Psychoneurotic Problem In Man’s Health

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Stress is the threat to the fulfillment of basic needs to the functioning of the nervous system and to growth and development. Psychologically, stress means stimuli that are likely to produce disturbance in most individuals.


When there is inadequate release of tension caused by excessive stress, functional body disorders, called psychosomatic disorders, develop. The symptoms are due to severe emotional stress and are commonly called tension symptoms. Emotional disturbances may affect any organ in the body, which may produce pain and discomfort.

Stress Effects

• Stress is unique and personal to each of us. Relaxing to one person may be stressful to another person. Taking it easy may be frustrating and unproductive.
• Emotional stress is quite different from physical stress. Emotional stress can caused high blood pressure, ulcers, or even heart diseases.
• Physical exercise can help you relax and handle your emotional and mental stress.
• Since stress is the ‘non-specific response of the body to a demand’, we need to learn how our bodies respond to this demand.
• When stress becomes prolonged or particularly frustrating, it can become harmful, thereby causing ‘distress’ or ‘bad stress’.
• We need to be able to recognized the early signs of distress and do something about it in order to improve our quality of life and actually our survival.

Stress Reaction

If you must used stress in a positive way and prevent it from becoming distress, you will need to become aware of your own reactions to stressful events. The human body responds to stress by going through three stages:
• Alarm stage
• Resistance stage
• Exhaustion stage
It has been realized that it is absolutely impossible to live completely free of stress and distress; but it is possible to prevent some distress and possibly minimize its negative impact on you, when it can be avoided, for as long as you are able to gain coping abilities.

Specific Symptoms
The most common panic symptoms resulting from distress are:
• Disorientation
• Chest discomfort
• Numbness or tingling in body
• Nausea
• Cold hands or feet
• Sensitivity to noise and
• Blurred vision

Stress, Illness And Coping

To cope and reduce stress, we need to understand how we define “stress” and ‘coping”. Stress involves a perceived discrepancy between the demands of the situation and the resources of the person.

Coping is the process by which people try to manage the perceived discrepancy between the demands and the resources they appraise in a stressful situation. We cope with stress through the transaction we have with the environment. People use many different methods to try to manage the appraised discrepancy between the demands of the situations and their resources.

Coping process is not a single event. It involved ongoing transactions with the environment. People have an enormous number of ways for coping with stress. Coping can also be explained on the basis of their functions and the methods, skills and strategies such as direct action, seeking information, turning to others, resigned acceptance, emotional discharge and intra psychic processes.

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