The Psychiatric Significance Of Drug Addiction And Alcoholism As Disorders Of Childhood And Adolescence

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Many drug addicts and alcoholics have turned to drugs and alcohol because of underlying personality maladjustment. Drug addiction is not limited to a group of social class, as many individuals erroneously believe.

Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

It is not found only among the kids of the rich as often times perceived. Many children from poor socio-economic background have been known to turn to burglary and prostitution to be able to fund these terrible habits.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are related since chronic intoxication often leads to drug addiction. Most teenagers use drugs and alcohol as a means of stimulation, while others use it to blunt pain or move away from the torture of reality or to relieve a sense of personal failure and constant frustration, resulting from personal failures.

Commonly Found Drugs Among Teenagers

This depends on region and various regions may vary in terms of the specific drugs teenagers or young individuals usually abuse. But in general, these drugs listed below are very common:

Barbiturates: They are classified as hypnotic drugs. These are depressants, commonly used as sleeping pills.

Marijuana: Users often experience a euphoric state accompanied by increased self-confidence without any feeling of restraint.

Amphetamines: They are often used by students to stay awake. They are referred to as ‘pep pills’ as a result of their stimulating effect. Amphetamines usually lower muscles control and interfere with individual co-ordination.

Alcohol: They are intoxicating beverages that have deteriorating effects on the users’ social and personal life. Small intake of alcohol acts as a stimulant, but large intake acts as a depressant.

Causes Of Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

The causes of drug addiction and alcoholism are very similar. For effective therapeutic management strategies, the counselor should be familiar with the following etiological factors:
• Both drug addicts and alcoholics are usually emotionally immature individuals who are not able to develop long- range goals.
• They lack control and are prone to seeking immediate gratification for their desires.
• Drug addicts and alcoholics are usually unhappy individuals with serious personality conflicts affecting their day to day activities. They tend to cover their inadequacies with drugs and alcohol. Setting unrealistic high goals often accompany the feelings of inadequacies of drug addicts and alcoholics.
• Often, drug addiction and alcoholism result from the individual’s struggle for recognition or rebellion against authority.
• A search for thrills and excitement as a result of dissatisfaction with life in general, often leads adolescents to try drugs and alcohol to gain a sense of independence and joy.
• Another causal factor for drug addiction and alcoholism is the peer group pressure. Many adolescents are rather weak and their major goal in life is to be accepted by their group. Such adolescents will do anything to satisfy and be accepted to the group.

The Therapeutic Management Strategies For Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

Treatment must include medication and psychotherapy. It may be very necessary to hospitalize the patient in order to be sure of complete removal of the drug from the individual’s body without an adverse effect, most especially to take care of the withdrawal symptoms as in morphine and heroine. Therapy should be aimed at resolving the basic reasons which are causal factors to the individual’s drug addiction and alcoholism. If the drug addiction or the alcoholism is the result of bad friends, the addict may be encouraged to make new friends who are better adjusted and are not dependent on any form of crutches before they can live successfully.

Also, since drug addiction or alcoholism may be caused by the individual’s family background, the addict of alcoholic should be treated along with these family members who may be responsible for this problem. In most cases, it could be the wife or the mother who might need to gain an understanding of how to deal with him or her in a constructive manner and at the same time experience a feeling of self satisfaction.

Educational or vocational arrangements may constitute a very positive treatment strategy to an individual who turned to drugs or alcohol as a result of educational or vocational failure and frustration. The patient may find satisfaction in pursuing successful education endeavours or a successful job placement. The counselor should enlighten the drug addict or alcoholic to understand his or her abilities or capabilities. This will eventually prevent the setting up of unrealistic goals.

Although, medical treatment is effective in the management of drugs and alcoholism, it will not resolve the basic causal factors which have led the patient to drugs and alcohol. The counselor should lead to addict to have an awareness of the factors in his life, which made it impossible for him or her to tolerate stress and anxiety. The addict or alcoholic needs to understand that while he or she is trying to run away from the problems, bigger problems resulting from drug addiction and alcoholism are being created.

The drug addict or alcoholic also needs to become aware of the relationship between good health and health hazards, resulting from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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