The Psychosomatic Implications Of Stress: Hypertension And Stroke

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Stress has a number of illnesses/diseases associated with it. These include psychosomatic diseases (Psyche for mind; soma for body). The terms psycho-physiological is now sometimes used in place of psychosomatic.

Stress And Illness/disease

Psychosomatic disease is the class of numerous diseases/illnesses to which the mind makes the body susceptible. These diseases are real, can be diagnosed and manifested physically. However, it also has a component of psychological stress, which decreases the effectiveness of the immunological system and results in the body being more vulnerable to the cold viruses. Such cold may also be caused by psychological stress using up particular vitamins in the body leading to decreased effectiveness in combating cold viruses. Mental stress has caused or aggravated symptoms in many hospital patients.

Have you Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered, despite having the virus within us all the time, we only occasionally come down with the common cold? We shall soon discuss numerous diseases and illnesses to which the mind makes the body susceptible. These conditions are called psychosomatic illnesses. Psychosomatic disease is not “all in the mind” but involves both the mind and the body. Psychosomatic disease is real, can be diagnosed and is manifested physically. However, it also has a component in the mind, although it is not easily measured.


Hypertension (high blood pressure) is excessive and damaging pressure of the blood against the walls of the arterial blood vessels. High blood pressure is a relative term. Health scientists disagree as to its exact beginning, but generally, a systolic pressure greater than 140 mm Hg or a diastolic pressure greater than 90 mm Hg is considered as hypertension. Since average blood pressure tends to be higher in the elderly than others, measures slightly above 140/90 have been expected and viewed as normal for this age group. During chronic or even acute but very demanding stress, the body tried to meet up with the huge demands both mentally and physically and therefore, the pressure of blood as well rises.


Apoplexy (also termed stroke) is a lack of oxygen in the brain resulting from a blockage or rupture of one of the arteries that supplies it. Stroke is related to hypertension, which may also result in a cerebral hemorrhage (rupture of a major blood vessel supplying the brain); cardiovascular disorders, of which apoplexy is one of the disorders. Stroke has been related to high blood pressure, diet and stress.

It is not surprising to know that stress is related to coronary heart diseases when considering the physiological mechanisms which stress brings into play which are as follows: accelerated heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased serum cholesterol and fluid retention resulting in increased blood volume. Further, the stereotypical heart attack victim has been the highly stressed, overworked, overweight businessman with a cigarette dangling from his lips and a martini in his hand.

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