The Restless Man - From One Desire to Next

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A poem on how man runs from one desire to next, and never finds what he is truly seeking, and on what is the secret of true happiness...

The Restless Man

Running and running is he,
Not for a moment is he free;
Always noise booming in his mind,
Where can he peace find?

First he wants an ice-cream,
And then fame is his dream;
Now he wants a heap of praise,
And then a huge bank balance to raise...

At no time is he satisfied,
Every desire to him had lied;
Each assured abundant happiness,
But only left behind an emptiness.

One frustrated desire to next,
All the while utterly restless,
Seeking forever he is something,
But knows about it nothing...

Seeking forever he is happiness,
But every time in the wrong places;
Everything of the world is transient,
How can it give him happiness permanent?

How long does money stay?
How long does power have its way?
The joy of a delicious ice-cream
After a while feels like a dream...

And yet the restless man,
Always believes give the world can;
If not the satisfaction of this wish,
The next one will surely not miss.

Thus he runs and runs,
Never a desire he shuns,
Only to embrace sorrow,
On every single morrow.

Never does he realise his folly -
Happiness is within him only!
Not in acquisition has it lay;
For eternal happiness, contentment is the way...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Jul 2013 (#)

Well said, but contentment can make one lazy so we need to find balance to suit our temperament - siva

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author avatar love@work
16th Jul 2013 (#)

@Sivaramakrishnan A
I appreciate you comment...
And I think I will have to write one or more article to clarify this issue of contentment - what exactly I mean by it.

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