The Robots Aren’t Coming They’re here at Least Medically

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No machines haven’t taken over the world but have been taken part in healthcare. From making lives easier for patients to performing simple and repetitive tasks such as drawing blood.


Medical robots are robots that are used in healthcare. Medical robots are not limited to surgical robots but also include rehabilitation and pharmacy. In 1985, the first known robot was used in the medical field. The robot PUMA 560 placed a needle for a brain biopsy using CT guidance. A few years later, PROBOT from the Imperial College London assisted doctors performing prostate surgery on a patient. Today surgical robots can be found aiding physicians across the nation, rehabilitation robots are being purchased more as hospitals improve their rehabilitation services.


Whether you’re a care giver, the one receiving care or a family member and don’t have the time in your day to physical check on a loved one Giraff can make sure your there at least virtually. If you a caregiver Giraff allow you to check in on your client and spend some social time and removes the rushing to complete tasks. You can check in on clients who live on the other side of town when you’re unable to get there. If you need care you can have the feel of confidence and safety with Giraff. This device allows your family, friends and caregivers to visit with you via the internet whenever you want. If you need someone at your side this device can you someone instantly. You can stay in touch without feeling like a burden. Your family, friends and caregivers don’t have to worry if you’re doing okay. They can keep in touch anywhere across the world. Giraff comes with a touch button that allows you to control who visits you how and when. One simple button touch allows them to visit or asks them to come back. You can allow caregivers or family to enter without answering by simply giving them a key. (


What child doesn’t like cute robots? CosmoBot is a prototype interactive robot for children with and without disabilities to promote educational and therapeutic activities. This robot has been tested on children with a range of abilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, apraxia, neurodevelopmental disorders, and language developmental disorders. In 2010, the NIH funded projected used CosmoBot to help kids with disabilities in physical therapy at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. In 2013, CosmoBot was redesigned to include added degrees of range of motion in arms and the control system had been improved. (


At the 2013 AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Houston, Texas, Swisslog, leading supplier of of automation solutions for hospital material transport, announced the release of RoboCourier Autonomous Mobile Robot. RoboCourier can carry up to 100 pounds, Hospitals have using RoboCourier can automate scheduled and on-demand deliveries of laboratory samples, medications and other materials. This robot saves miles usually walked every day by technicians. It has a 360◦ turn radius which allows it to navigate tight and narrow spaces along with crowed hallways. (

Walk Assist Robot

I bet you thought Toyota only made cars and trucks. Did you know they have the Partner Robot just as the name indicates it helps people with caring and intelligence. The Walk Assis Robot helps a person who has lost the use of one leg such as due to paralysis. This robot attaches to the leg so the user can walk more naturally and securely. It supports rehabilitation for function recovery. It is able to help with normal activities like walking on level ground, walking down and upstairs, sitting and more. The robot helps the user to be more independent and lead an active life. (


RP-VITA (Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant) from InTouch Health and IRobot in 2012 announced RP-ViTA at the Touch Health 7th Annual Clinical Innovations Forum. . The RP-VITA is the first remote presence solution for patient care that combines telemedicine technology from InTouch Health with the latest in autonomous navigation and mobility developed for the iRobot Ava™ mobile robotics platform. RP-VITA improves patient care by making sure the physician is right where he should be at the right time and allows for immediate access for clinical information and comes with remote access and iPad interface. (


INTELLIFILL I.V prepares sterile syringes for IVs based on orders received from the hospital pharmacy systems. It can fill from 0.5 mL up to 11.5 mL using mixing instructions from its formula to fill the orders. It can fill up to 300 syringes and hour and operates with minimal help from humans. (


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