The Self and Doubt

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A short piece on self-doubt, anxiety and fear, and the importance of thoughts, in and on our physical reality.

The 'what if'

With every experience we carry the burden of 'what if'. What if I look bad? What if they remember that thing I did or said? What if no one likes me? What if I fail? Like a circling predator the 'what if' is always close by, lurking. Very rarely does the 'what if' have a positive spin in these moments. What if I win? What if they all love me? What if everything goes perfectly? And on those few occassions when that positive 'what if' makes it through, the predator swiftly closes in. What if I win and they all hate me for it? What if they like me but I hate them? What if I gain the world and lose my soul? Much like water our mind is fluid. A simple thought is the drop that begins the cascade of emotions and what i call,''chain-thinking". One thought giving birth to another, growing and devouring the dream, capsizing the will.

The source

Words though simple enough to say cannot truly convey what we call emotion. The human experience is one that occurs in the mind. Our thoughts can and do control our physical being. Really stop and absorb this well accepted idea and fact. Something intangible, immeasurable and yet we all agree it exists. Of course we do right. I mean come on its obvious we all have a voice ( or voices, as the case may be), that we identify as ourselves. Every milli-second of the day this/these voice/s bombard us. But how and why exactly can and does something not of the physical affect and control something of the physical? All the hormones and chemical exchanges that we experience are not the source they are the consequence. And why do we as human creatures seem to universally perpetuate the negative in our own selfworth and visions of our future? The 'what if' seems to transcend race, age, creed and all other self-imposed means of segregation.

The resolution

The ability to turn the tide on the negativity that the 'what if' pulls in its wake is a turning point in which one may find solace. This is not a means by which to eliminate disappointment or hardship. But rather a way in which we can seek to remove anxiety and fear, and in so doing see the future in a more positive and prospective light. The child who gazes into the laden fruit tree does not gaze at the ground contemplating the last two bruises that accompanied his recent attempts. There is no what if I fall again? Only, what if I could reach? The goal is to see life and its challenges as solvable, as lessons, and as a means to get to know our selves. In the event that they do not like you, you fail, or you do not get your desire, what does that do to you? How do you react? What torrential cascade of emotions are you now pouring over your entire being? A more positive approach to the people and events that fuel our experiences will help us to understand the lessons gained from these moments when we seem to have strayed from our well laid plans and expectations. Perhaps when the 'what if' becomes laiden with hope we shall see and do more than we have limited our capabilities and expectations to, and in so doing spread the realization that we are the thought and our reality the consequence.


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author avatar Lisa
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Caya, exceptionally written and presented. I love this article!!

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author avatar lisalatouche
5th Jun 2011 (#)

I found this article truly inspiring. Indeed the ideas that dominate our minds definitely lead our lives. I love your choice of pictures used to bring out your thoughts. Great writing!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2015 (#)

Uplifting post, thanks Caya. We should aim and work to realize our full potential - the fulfillment is in trying and the results are not entirely in our hands - siva

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