The Sharp Sudden Pain of a Charley Horse

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If you ever experienced a Charlie horse you will know exactly what I am talking about,What makes a Charlie horse different from a leg cramp?


We started this mini series with the story of how I experienced a very painful Charley horse while having my birthday supper in a restaurant with my boyfriend several years back. I was went to the washroom and I was in so much pain.

Surprised I was able to make it home

Matt couldn't really help me, he is disabled as well. If I put my body pressure on him for support, both of us would have fallen flat on the pavement.

Somehow, I managed to cross the busy street and wait for the bus. Matt had to go in a different direction. I made it home and the pain only ended in the middle of the ride on the last bus.

This will be a birthday that I will never forgot.

What is a Charlie Horse?

Here is a little bit of medical info on leg cramps

What is a Charlie Horse?

We usually call a sharp sudden muscle cramp in the leg a Charley horse. We get these leg cramps when the muscles forcibly contract
s. These cramps are most common where muscles cross two joints such as at the calf, where it crosses the ankle and knee, where the quadriceps crosses the hip and knee, and where the hamstring crosses the hip and knee.

Duration of leg cramp

According to Jonathan Cluett, M.D. these cramps last for less than a minute or up to a few minutes while the muscle contracts.

It is not for certain why it took close to an hour before the Charley horse went away and my leg returned to normal.

The doctor goes on to say that with some people the pains are only at night and will wake the person from sleep.

Well with my fibromyalgia I get my pains all the time and yes they do prevent me from staying asleep a lot.

To be continued

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