The Side Effects Of Raspberry Ketones

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The side effects of raspberry ketones you should be aware of

Raspberry Ketones Side Effects

Traditionally, weight loss and other diet supplements have been plagued by a large number of side effects that have impacted negatively on the health of users. Many times the FDA has had to intervene and wipe some of these products from the shelves so as to protect the often ignorant consumers. This is perhaps why you might be wondering if there are any raspberry ketones side effects. Is it safe to use or will you need to wait a little longer for the ideal supplement? Despite all the hype that has surrounded this supplement ever since it was publicized by Dr. Mehmet Oz, it is safer to remain skeptical about any possible side effects.

When adding any supplements to your diet, it is always advisable to find out if there are any potential side effects. You must have read countless times that there are no written side effects that are associated with the use of raspberry ketones. However, you need to beware of such levels of sales pitch that have little regard for the eventual consumers. This is why before taking up the raspberry ketone diet, you need to carefully consult with a qualified medical practitioner so as to identify any possible side effects. But what are these side effects and are there any precautions that can be taken to mitigate them?

It is worth noting that raspberry ketone extract is prepared from nothing but purely natural products. In fact, weight loss products hardly get any more natural than the sweet, succulent raspberries from which the weight loss drops are prepared. As a result, they are less likely to trigger the dizziness, shakiness, heart palpitations and other side effects associated with the use of synthetic weight loss compounds. This means that users of raspberry ketone supplements are very safe compared to those of other commercial supplements.

However, you should never trust a product that claims to have absolutely no side effects. Any substance that is added to the body is likely to alter the normal metabolism and manifest in a number of side effects. In general, some of the raspberry ketone side effects associated with dieting, changes in diet and loss of weight include:

· Headaches

· Insomnia

· Dizziness

· Thyroid disorders

Are these side effects really inevitable?


If you are currently taking anti-depressants or asthma medications, do not even think of starting on the raspberry ketone diet. Pregnant and lactating mothers are at a higher risk of exuding serious raspberry ketones side effects and should therefore consult with qualified medical practitioners before starting any dosage. Finally, people with seizure disorders, kidney diseases and high blood pressure should refrain from taking raspberry ketone weight loss drops.

Weight loss can be a very exhausting venture that not only drains your effort but also financial resources. This however should not be reason enough to jump on the next magic drug bandwagon that comes into the market. Your health is far more important than that body shape you are trying to attain. Because of this, ensure you undertake a thorough medical checkup and share your medical history with a doctor to suppress any potential raspberry ketones side effects.


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author avatar Danielle
2nd Jan 2014 (#)

Causes very bad headaches and hot flashes.

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author avatar James
31st Dec 2014 (#)

I took raspberry ketones once and had an 8 hour severe panic attack followed by problems with my ears and now 7 months of severe daily vertigo and Meniere’s disease plus problems with my thyroid and adrenal fatigue. DO NOT TOUCH. Not worth it.

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