The Signs Of Cognitive Changes Due To Multiple Sclerosis Disease

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MS can affect any part of the brain, there is no cognitive function that one can safely say is never affected by MS. Some, like language functions, do not seem to be affected as much by MS as they are following a stroke.

Multiple Sclerosis - Changes In Cognitive Abilities

What exactly is meant by "cognitive?" The word comes from the Latin verb "to think" and refers to the "higher" brain functions such as memory and reasoning.

The most frequently cited problem with MS patients is memory. This is because memory is crucial to almost everything we do; and memory lapses are easy to spot because they involve discrete bits of information. People with MS-related memory loss may need to spend more time learning new material if they want to retain and eventually recall it when needed.

Attention and Concentration
All other cognitive functions depend on good powers of concentration. Attention and/or concentration problems may be manifested as the inability to focus for long periods of time or as extreme distractibility during a task. Because fatigue and stress can also affect these functions, the person with MS may be at very high risk for attention and/or concentration problems.

Everyone at some time or other has had trouble thinking of a word or name that was "on the tip of the tongue." In MS, this seemingly innocuous problem can become so frequent that it is very disruptive of normal conversation.

Reasoning, Problem Solving, Judgment
For some people who have MS, the first hint of cognitive loss is not a memory lapse, but a poor judgement call or an inability to perform analytic work that was previously fairly simple.

Visual-Spatial Abilities
Most people freely admit that they cannot program their VCR and are unable to assemble toys that are labeled "easy to assemble." However, MS can seriously impair visual-spatial abilities, including certain functions that are critical to safe driving such as being able to follow directions and quickly process right/left choices.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
26th Jul 2011 (#)

MS can be soooo insidious!

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author avatar Denise O
26th Jul 2011 (#)

That that have Multiple Sclerosis, also get some of their (temporary) memory loss, from spasmed muscles. It is really sad what they have to go through, just breaks my heart. Good info. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Retired
26th Jul 2011 (#)

It is sad that some people go through Denise, it also breaks my heart...thanks for sharing...

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
27th Jul 2011 (#)

yes it does become irritating at times...thanks a lot for sharing such a rare article....

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author avatar Songbird B
28th Jul 2011 (#)

Having lost a father and younger brother to MS, this article really touched me. Great page, TracyAnn..Very informative.

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