The Stress of Caregiving on Family

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Since people are living longer in North America, the issue of care-giving is topical. This series will examine some of the issues and provide some tips for family and home caregivers.


Though anyone can understand the need for family helping family, the services of a volunteer caregiver extends beyond parental or familial care. Many caregivers volunteer their time to neighbors, friends, and community; never once does DNA become an issue, never once will these people with such caring hearts require a DNA test to prove their willingness to help someone in need. In other words for many caregivers biological connections are not necessary to help someone in need. Montrealers have big hearts when it comes to helping people in need.

Stay-at-home caregivers

Stay-at-home caregivers

Yet DNA testing or not, there are financial concerns that have not been addressed. Women caregivers are two and a half times more likely to be unable to work outside the home. Thus, resulting in a life of poverty because they must look after their sick loved one. Generally speaking their total annual income is roughly 15% lower than families who do not have to care for a sick loved one. Furthermore the out of pocket costs to feed, cloth, medicate, and purchase special equipment and products such as adult diapers add to the financial stress for these caregivers.

Caregivers who work outside of the home

Caregivers who work outside of the home

Though caregivers manage to work outside the home caregiver represents roughly 20% of the total workforce. If we look at just the small caregiver population alone we find that 59% of them work outside the home.

This represents a sizable amount of caregivers who have issues far different than the average American or even Canadian worker. Home stress, and work stress have to balance out and often time there is just a thin line separating the two.

Workplace condtions in Montreal and elsewhere

Many workplaces are not sympathetic to the needs of caregivers and do not allow them special time off to deal with home emergencies. Still other workplaces fail to inform them about special allowances and programs available to them. Again, where more leeway would be given to a parental relationship defined by DNA testing such as a sick child, few tolerate any relationship beyond the immediate family.

To be continued

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4th Jun 2015 (#)

The stress and wear on the caregiver too is another factor.

They often burn out before they ever rust out.

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