The Symptoms of Liver Cancer

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The symptom of liver cancer is still in the early stages is not clear. The symptom of liver cancer will be felt when it is in intermediate and advanced stages. In everyday life, many people ignore any changes that occur in their bodies. So that, when they went to the doctor, they have liver cancer at intermediate or advanced stage. Therefore, if you experience symptoms such as mentioned below, immediately consult your doctor.

Liver Cancer

Some of the symptoms that can be the start of liver cancer are:
1. Pain in the liver area.
Pain that lasts a long time in the upper right abdomen may be an early sign of a tumor in the liver. Bloating that occurs in a long time is also an early sign of liver cancer. Bloating can occur because the tumor has invaded the lining of the stomach. Pain in the shoulder or back due to the tumor has invaded the diaphragm.
2. The heart swells.
Swollen liver is the most common symptom in patients with liver cancer. In patients with liver cancer, a liver is easy to swell, harden, uneven outer layer, the size of nodules are not the same or very large, even prominent in certain areas, edges are not neat; often feel sick like a depressed.
3. Jaundice.
Jaundice always occurs in one third of liver cancer patients. Jaundice can occur in patients with liver cancer on advanced stage. Jaundice occurs due to liver cell damage, and a lump of tumor suppresses a bile duct.
4. Fever.
When fever, the body temperature is usually not high, but sometimes it can reach 39 ยบ C. Fever caused by cancer tissue is damaged that has been absorbed by the body or the bile ducts become inflamed because oppressed by the tumor.
5. Indigestion.
Impaired the work system of the gastrointestinal, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, weight loss, the body is weak, and the deteriorating health condition.
6. The symptom of metastases
The symptom of metastasis is the symptoms affect many organs of the body
- If the infected lungs, can lead to coughing up blood.
- If the chest cavity is affected, there will be pain in the chest and be produced fluid in the chest.
- If the bone is infected, it will result in pathologic fractures.
- If the spinal cord or spinal cord affected, there will be pain in certain parts which can lead to paralysis.
- If the brain is affected, will cause headaches, vomiting, and neurological symptoms associated with the other of nerve.
7. Other symptoms.
Other liver cancer symptoms can be related to the metabolic system. The symptoms include;
- Suddenly the blood sugar is low.
This condition can occur in 10% -30% of patients with liver cancer. The cause, the liver cells can cause fluid abnormal endocrine insulin, and the liver cancer can cause the body runs out of glucose. This condition is very dangerous because it can lead to death.
- Red blood cells multiply.
This condition occurs in 2% -10% of patients with liver cancer. This condition is caused by the increase in erythropoietin; erythropoietin is a useful substance to increase red blood cells.
- Cholesterol.
This symptom is also common in patients with liver cancer, i.e., cholesterol and calcium in the blood are high.


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