The True Facts About Weight Loss

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The true fact about weight loss is that Sugar can “spike” insulin and slow down your metabolism, Sodium (salt) makes the body retain water, thus increase weight and bloating, Alcohol is converted into sugar by the body and most dairy products are high in fat, calories and sugar. When you are trying to lose weight sugar and salt is your worst enemy.

what sodium and sugar can cause

The true fact about weight loss is that Sugar can “spike” insulin and slow down your metabolism, Sodium (salt) makes the body retain water, thus increase weight and bloating, Alcohol is converted into sugar by the body and most dairy products are high in fat, calories and sugar. When you are trying to lose weight sugar and salt is your worst enemy. Losing weight isn’t as easy as gaining it. Some of the main reasons why we put on weight is either you’re eating too fast, eat when we are not hungry or eating the wrong type of foods. The fact is if you really want to lose weight there are five things you need to keep in mind:
Eat healthier
Stick to your diet
Get enough sleep
Drink plenty water
Exercise more often
Eat more frequently
Take multi vitamins
Increase your metabolism
And you will become healthier, leaner and stronger. I am going to explain each of those in more details. You don’t have to go on any special diets, starving yourself or skipping any meal.

Eating healthier

Simply means you must stop eating junk food because it only decreases your chances of losing weight. Try eating only whole wheat or low fat foods. Eat only low fat products such as whole wheat flour, brown rice, skin milk, just to name a few. Not all healthy foods are good for you however, before you purchase food items check the nutrition label to find out how much calories the item contains. Try not to eat any food item that goes over 2000 calories (for women) and 3000 (for men).

Stick to your diet

If you decide to join any diet program then I would strongly advice that you stick with the program until you see results. Many people (like me and some people) I know start a diet and don’t stay on it long enough to see the results that they were looking for then they intern give that diet a bad review. If you are going to join a weight loss diet program like (The food lovers, Weight Watchers, or Sensa) you need to give the program some time in order to see the results, maybe three months before you decide to try something else.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is also very essential to weight loss. Your body needs enough sleep in order to function properly. Studies has shown that those who gets enough sleep (8 to 9 hours is recommended) will easily be able to lose weight. I it may seem hard to believe, in fact several large scale studies in the United States and also in Europe suggest that the growing epidemic of obesity in the country may be partially due to the people not getting enough sleep.

Drinking plenty water

I know this might sound ridiculous but drinking plenty water is vital for losing weight. Some people mostly think of weight loss as only “dieting” and “cutting back” they often think only about the food they are consuming. But the fact of the matter is what you also drink can have a great effect on weight loss too. Imagine this: a can of regular soda has an equivalent of 10 spoons of granulated sugar. Not to mention the fruit juices which are often loaded with sugar.
Since soda as well as all fruit juice “energy” drinks and sports drinks are basically nothing but sugar and water try to avoid them. One can or bottle consumed by itself can raise your insulin levels almost immediately. This is one of the fastest ways to throw your body into “fat storing mode”. So you need at least *8 to 9* eight ounces glass of water every day in order to help you lose weight. Your body needs enough water in order to function properly.

Exercise more often

If you seriously want to lose weight dieting alone will not help, you need to do some form of exercise. Both dieting and exercise is very effective than you think. The best exercises to help you lose weight are cardio and strength training. Cardio exercise commonly known as aerobic exercise simply means to exercise “in oxygen.”

Strengthening your cardio-respiratory system means your lungs are better able to deliver oxygen to your bloodstream and muscles, which is also crucial when your body is burning calories. Generally, this type of exercise is always performed at a moderate intensity for a sustain period of time. This exercise was design to strengthen your heart and lungs.

Eating more often

I would have never thought that eating more can help you lose weight. Don’t you think that eating more to lose weight sounds like a fib? But it all depends upon what you eat. Eating the wrong type of food can be harmful indeed, but I think that if you stick to mostly healthy food you will be good. Start eating a snack between each meal and don’t forget to eat something every two to three hours. If you stay for a long time to eat something your body will think that it’s starving and start to store the calories as fat.

Taking multi vitamins

Did you know that certain vitamins support your metabolism so that your body will burn more calories? Remember, the healthier you are the more efficiently your metabolism works. However, the more efficiently your metabolism work it will be much easier for you to lose weight. Nutrition supplement is one of the best ways to guarantee that you are getting enough nutrition your body needs to stay healthy and also burn fat quickly.
Because you are now eating healthy you still may not be getting “optimum” amount of nutrition that your body needs from the foods you eat. Most importantly, numerous studies has shown host of benefits including additional fat loss attributed to HIGHIER amounts of some key nutrients. That just goes to show you that, by taking multi-vitamins every day can really make a big difference in your weight loss goal.

Increasing your metabolism

In order to lose weight quickly you need to speed up your metabolism first. Metabolism is the rate at which your body utilizes food for energy, cellular growth and maintenance. Basically, when you consume calories in the form of food or drink, your body does two things with those calories: either it turns them into energy that helps to run your body so that you can function daily or it will save those calories by turning them into fat. Once your metabolism is in full gear it will be a lot easier for you to lose weight.


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