The Versatile Soya Bean

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Soya is one of the world’s oldest crops and is used by millions of people throughout the world in many variations.

Soya Bean Products

Soya beans can be used green or dried. Green or immature soya beans are similar to green peas or lima beans in colour and flavour. They have a slightly crisp texture and are not mealy or soft. Dried soya beans are the mature form.

Soya beans are cooked whole and are processed to make diverse products such as soya bean oil, soya bean milk, soya bean curd, soya bean sprouts and soya bean flour:

Soya Bean Oil

When considering edible uses of soya beans, soya oil tops the list. Products that contain soya oil include prepared dressings, margarine, and salad and cooking oils. Soya oil has a bland taste and a high smoking point and therefore it is highly recommended for frying.

Soya Bean Milk

Because of the relatively high protein content of soya beans, soya milk can be favourably compared to cow’s milk and mother’s milk. It is available processed and is strongly recommended in some cases of milk allergies.

Soya Bean Curd

Also called ‘miso’, soya bean curd is prepared from soya bean milk by adding vinegar, lemon juice or calcium chloride. In some countries the curd is allowed to ferment naturally in a warm place – which results in a different soya bean curd called ‘tofu’. By itself the soya bean curd has no taste but it is used in soups, salads, omelettes, etc.

Soya Bean Sprouts

Soya beans, like chickpeas and mung beans, can be used for sprouts, either grown at home or commercially. Sprouts can be blanched and kept refrigerated for use in soups, salads, vegetables and chicken casseroles.

Soya Bean Flour

Soya flour is the ground product obtained after the oil and the seed coat have been removed. The flour is used in baked foods such as doughnuts, bread, rolls and cakes.

Technological advances have made it possible for soya to stand tall next to all other major protein sources.


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