The World Of Ideas: Awakening through Elemental Amalgams (part 2 of 2)

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A hope < a wish < a dream < a commencement < a plan < a process
are 6 stages of human reality. This second article in The World Of Ideas aims to help you interpret your own dreams. Identify your dream-self and understand the butterfly effect with Lorenz Attractor for your own perspective.

Index of Topical Questions and Terminology

(read the whole list here)

    * For humans how many realms are there other than "Life" and "Death"?
    * What is the most certain point of view to separate "Real" from "Unreal"?
    * Why is Nostradamus the only future-teller who has never gone wrong, and why was he hated so much?
    * Can a human be present at two different places at the same time in reality(real-time)?
    * What if there is no inception? (a.k.a. If there is no other reality in one reality, then how many other dreams at maximum can be in one dream?)
    * What are the modes of reality and how many other realities are there at the present time?
    * What is the power that stops alternate reality from shifting the future?
    * Is virtual reality just a gaming mode?
    * Without being eliminated can the virtual reality turn alternate reality into real future?
    * Is human form on the verge of extinction?
    * If there are no more humans, can you and I still exist, and make this conversation again?

Also what follows below is a short terminology in alphabetical order that guides our way through this analysis:

* Abstraction: When an abstract form of reality is made out of a being. Seeing someone you know in a dream is an abstraction.
* Amalgam: When multiple substances are made singular in a disjoint body as in;

    Tooth Amalgam(in dentistry)in order of activeness= 1 = Mercury + Silver + Tin + Copper
    Elemental Cosmos= Darkness + Light + Ice + Fire + Dust + Water + Magnetism + Air + Smoke + Earth
    Fire(in astrology)in order of activeness= 1 = Aries + Leo + Sagittarius
    Water(in astrology)in order of activeness= 1 = Pisces + Cancer + Scorpio
    Air(in astrology)in order of activeness= 1 = Aquarius + Gemini + Libra
    Earth(in astrology)in order of activeness= 1 = Capricorn + Taurus + Virgo

* Cognitive Process: A human's mind reaction to his/her brain perception. Occurs in 3 steps in a healthy human metabolism. (1)Recalling, (2)obtaining and (3)restoring concept knowledge.
* Concretion: When a concrete form of reality is made out of a non-being. If you carve a sculpture out of someone you only know from a dream, than this sculpture is a concretion. If an artist draws the portrait of a dreamy hero, this hero is a concretion: Scroll down to see the related video on this theme.
* Multiplification: When a singular being is made multiple from its own roots.

    Cloning=Genetic multiplification to reproduce more living organisms from one organism
    Copying=Digital multiplification of computer data to produce more data from one source, even if it is the case for installing robots or cybernetic organisms
    Oscillating=Wave multiplification of frequencies to produce more signals from one circuit

* Prototype: A functional example of a being, occurring or happening to be actively used in patterning of a model
* Singularification: When multiple beings are made singular in a joint body as in;

    Human(in reality)= Soul + Heart + Mind + Body
    God(in Christianity)= Father + Son + Holy Spirit
    Gamer(in virtual reality)= Data + Angle Of View + Self-Artifacts

* Subtraction: When a concrete form of reality is converted to abstract form.
* Substansialization(or substanzialization): When an abstract form of reality is converted to concrete form.

Phase C, Achievement 2: Recurring Dreams

Phase C, Achievement 2

Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had

Who has ever preferred to die when there is still hope for living?.. A dreamer; because he thought his life was a dream. What makes a dream be recalled as a recurring dream is its dreadful ending. Ending a dream is a major factor in identifying dreams. Recurring dreams are the dreams that you are not able to end them with success. The failure in the result of the dream is most often identified with dying prototype.

If you chew the cud and ponder over your dying dreams, you'd obtain two kinds of dying: With your will or Without your will. When you want to die in a dream, it is quite likely since you notice that it is not part of physical reality. At the moment you are awaken to the differences between Realm Of Dreams and The Physical Realm, you make yourself believe that you were only sleeping. There is no problem with that. But the second kind, dying without your will, is never predictable or understandable. When you want to understand what it all meant, it re-occurs and turns to become a recurring dream; and if it doesn't then it ends up as a lucid dream.

Recurring dreams repeat themselves with little variation in story or theme. Dreams may recur because a conflict depicted in the dream remains unresolved or ignored. The repetitive patterns in your dream reveal some secret information about yourself. But these patterns are easily made to be forgotten, and are not able to be logically depicted.

Every humankind(and some animals too) sees recurring dreams several times in a lifetime, especially before every life changing event that is of importance to you(e.g. first day at school, the day your younger brother is born, when your first baby is born, when you find the woman you love, graduation day, when you are promoted, when you move to a new house). Recurring dreams are part of spiritual awakenings. But often we do not want to awaken to the truth. They refer to your personal secrets that you share with nobody. On the other hand, dreams that recur and have nothing to do with your personal life, are prophetic dreams(Phase B).

Having a recurring dream has many merits:

    I. They are the most effective tools to chart your course to figure the best possible way to reach a physical goal
    II. They turn possible any wish that you make before you go to sleep
    III. They warn you when-what-and-how to accept some sort of change in attributes or to undergo a spiritual transformation
    IV. They lead you to look within yourself and confront whatever you have as a self-obstacle no matter how difficult it may be
    V. They bridge 3 different worlds via singularification: Your physical life, your spiritual life and a brand new life with your wishes fulfilled
    VI. You start to gain physical intuitions. When you do so, use them in concretion and substansialization, before your intuition turns reality.
    VII. Your future occurs within the similar patterns of your wishes that are not yet come true

There will be a limit in and of some grace that you have. It could be the grace of time, or the grace of your health, or the grace of your knowledge in a specific agenda. When this grace is drained totally, the recurring dream will be resolved and will disappear. But the actual benefit of experiencing recurring dreams is to discover what your recurring dream is trying to tell you, before the limit of grace value is exceeded so you can still hold on to your grace and live the joy of a wish fulfillment.

To accomplish all these 7 steps, we need to grasp the capabilities of our dreams, continued from where we left at:

Capabilities of Dreams 3 of 3

There are three ways to get rid of recurring dreams: Losing your dreaming senses that no longer you will remember any dream, or that you reached the next achievement level and started seeing Progressive and Healing Dreams: Phase B, or your sleeping body dies when you are dreaming and you are no longer alive: Phase A.

In Phase B and so on, your dreams are no longer part of your sleep, nor are you ever part of your sleep. Because from now on they will always work for your favor, like a Guardian Angel(perhaps truly as one). Think about it. If there is an angel working for your favor, what benefit you can draw at most? If there is an angel working for your favor, you are literally present at two different places at the same time. So use this grace wisely, for it may not last long ; since angels only represent two beings: God and Gods. (*ref*1)

There is an inactive progress in the essence of every happening. These progresses are registered in the memory of universe. So one day, when a reflection occurs, destiny gets to be written by these progresses. Occurring of one reflection is adequate enough to display to our eyes how many realms are present at inception. Inception of a progress step, can be called an idea. So there is another realm other than the physical(Cosmos), the metaphysical(Eden), the transgressional(Death), multi-dimensional(Hades) (*ref*2) all to be existed in one reality: The world of ideas(Logos) that is first used in Plato's reasoned arguments and taught in Hegel's dialectics, in Ancient Greeks. So in total, there are 5 realms in 1 possible reality. These 5 realms can reflect in 8 dimensions(from the third to the tenth).

Logos is rational appeal promising that everything that is progressive starts its inception as being an idea. This means things that does not progress have no inception. Things that have no inception are unreal. So when in doubt the most certain formula of finding out which prototype is real and which prototype is unreal, just idealize it:

    Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, does not disappear -the quintessential sci-fi theme for both Solaris(1972-Andrei Tarkovsky) and Blade Runner(1982-Philip K.Dick)

If you are bothered by a dream or a nightmare, journal them. So you can remember it by the symbols that you could record either by voice-journals(speak and describe it to a voice-recorder on your cellphone), or via written-journal(write it down).

Now, let's talk about how to keep these journals and depending on the dream what to record, what not to record. First we said, write down the descriptions in imagery and photographic view. Second, write down what you were wearing, how old were you, were you flying or walking, or you had no feet, or there was no gravity, or was there a very bright light behind you as if it was part of your body? Some recurring dreams are inhumane. You may not be in total human form. If you see yourself as an angel in a dream, you are not going to recall how your wings look like, instead you will only remember the light that is replicable with wings in human mind. But be sure not to force yourself to manipulate visualizations before the inception(before you go to sleep) ; otherwise it could turn just an ego dream, like a fantasy or a daydreaming sleep. It is totally okay to manipulate visualizations though, when you lose connection with physical reality.

    You are writing on a piece of paper with a pencil. You make a mistake on a written word, and you erase it with a rubber. Just by doing this very simple action, you have already manipulated a paper, a pencil, your eyes, your mind, and a rubber. You wouldn't feel guilty, you wouldn't rethink, or trying to redo what you have done on this piece of paper. Hence the total of physical, spiritual and mind energies you spend are on minimal. But if you have been doing this paper-pencil-rubber practice in a dream, you would have spent so much energy for all these manipulations, due to distinctive realization of dreaming experiences.

Time the dreams. Timing in dreams gives a huge clue. How many hours in real life, your dream was equal to? Or was it just a minute that your full-night dream lasted for? Was there a stoppage in time?

Be creative in remembering of your dreams. The best you can do is to substantialize your dream. When you wake up, make it a screenplay, if it turns to become a movie, it is going to be another Mulholland Drive. Film director David Lynch wrote down that movie from his own Past-Prophetic dream. Or make it a song:

There are songs that I cannot sing but I'd love to if only I could
There are missing verses of poems I know that I cannot remember if only I could
There are heroines of chronicles whom I cannot be alike if only I could
There are dreams of which I was never able to see through the ending
and when I wake up I can only assemble its beginning

There is this man in my dream that I've been pursuing,
but just before I reach him to touch his hand...
I am suddenly awakened;
A man with whom I could never tell what I have in common

There is a man in my dream,
and I am not even sure whether it's my own dream or not

There is a man due to the thoughts of whom,
I stand apart from my dreams of him

Adam, the Song out of a Dream

    "Is it me you mean to call so hidden and so secured,
    when you hesitate in what to speak?
    If I keep humming songs of your love,
    would they keep you on my side when I am in veil and gown?
    Wouldn't they hurt me and cull me?
    Of no avail my lips and my hands will be marred
    Would they let me be yours?
    Would they let me be yours?

Up until here, we discussed how we can improve our lives through dreams, how we can understand and manipulate our dreams. Now we are starting Phase B, how do some dreams shape our destinies(micro-cosmos) and shape the universal destiny(macro-cosmos) when any other form of reality can only follow those shapes?

All dreams before this point were limited in effectiveness. Whether we see it or not, we remember them or not, we understand them or not, they wouldn't change anything in our lives. Whereas at this very point, introducing Progressive Dreams. we will actually see what dreams may come and may do proactively. We will use a prototype to cast as our object. When this prototype is referred to, it will display the examples of what Phase B can do in life. Inspired by the song above and the picture frame below, our prototype is Arranged Marriage, women who are not married to their true lovers, and are married to someone else unwillingly as primarily introduced in fictional media or historical non-fiction.

Phase B, Achievement 1: Progressive Dreams

Progressive dreams occur when you have a sequence of dreams that continue over a period of nights. A dream can be repetitive for many consequent nights, and it would all of a sudden on an anonymous night continue where you left off. The time gap before it could finally stop repeating itself and could continue on the event progressing may reach up to a few decades, but you'd carry its liveliness in your memory as if it was the night before. Such dreams are problem-solving dreams and help to explore new options in conditions which without them would lead to self-destruction. The clues from these dreams indoctrinate you real-life decision making tools that can be used at situations with no risk tolerance, can be used on challenges on dilemmas and blind alleys that you find nobody supporting you.

Progressive dreams often aim to teach us about ourselves. They have powerful cure for overcoming fears. Say, you have acrophobia, and you want to be brave when you are replacing the light bulb on the ceiling of your balcony on the 12th floor using a ladder that brings out to your eyes a jittery view of the street. What can Progressive Dreams do for you? Often you might see anti-gravity mid-air walking or flying dreams, years and years long, till the day your phobia is over. Getting rid of acrophobia via progressive dreams is one of the least painful experiences.

If you think you have problems that cannot be resolved just by dreaming, put yourself in shoes of a contract killer: A righteous contract killer who doesn't know the victims that he is killing. He is not sure whether this is his destiny(*ref*3) to kill people or not.

Progressive dreams will help you to be sure of what you are doing in life, as for instance let's review the nightmare sequence taken from a classic film on the above video. A case study of self-killer dreams generally identified under the same subtraction deals with the theme of killing in dreams(*ref*4). Public appearance of other people surrounding you, who are all looking at your face, when you notice inside this paradigm, everyone displays your displaced face like a clone of yours. During a horror adventure like this, search for a mirror. Go and look at the mirror, find out how many faces you will have in the reflection. Zodiac, the infamous American serial killer, was known for bringing make-up mirrors to the murder locations.

In the given prototype of arranged marriage, the female victim would also have similar kind of dreams: Appearing on other people's faces would be a variety of familiar views from her own face. The curing progress shall indoctrinate her the details she overlooked about herself, which often results in reaching to maturity. Whether she has a happy marriage or not, she would live and relive this curing progress until she grows up to a maturity level, that delivers more complex identity than before: As a teenage girl, as a lady in love, as a married family woman, as a working mother, all combined and equally balanced personalities in one logical identity. 2015-release French-Turkish coming-of-age drama film Mustang deals with the reasons of that subject matter through a sociocultural approach. Men, on the opposite account, tend to stay as themselves having one basic social role within one simple logical identity for whole life; which make them less prone to progressive dreams but more prone to prophetic dreams.

To be someone else or To be a better version of yourself: Achievement 2: Healing Dreams

    What is she holding on her right hand?
    How come her wedding bouquet is on the ground instead of being held on that hand?
    though the bouquet has fallen Why are the flowers not scattered around?
    and Why is the bouquet left between dogs and angels?
    There are three dogs, three angels and three women,
    and the woman we see in the wedding gown is not physically there
    and is not counted in with the three,
    for it's arranged marriage that separated her from the love of her life.

Healing dreams serve as warnings or solutions for the dreamer in regards to his/her health. To lose your health and then to gain it back was a way of teaching and practicing self-wisdom in Ancient Greece. Plato's master in philosophy Socrates taught his disciples: "Know thyself". Plato named these kind of dreams "prodromic" for they are to be better understood via Socratic thinking. Patients' metabolism communicates to their mind through dreams as the immune system practices itself in how to defend the body against the abusive health condition or how to let go. Healing is a matter of letting go off the immune system. In fact, this is simply what all the medicines achieve. Healing dreams are beneficial in revealing the symptoms, diagnosing the problems, treating the condition and advising about the correct care to take.

You remember those kind of dreams, where there is no beginning, no ending, no reasoning, no cognitive process and no link to any other dream. They start with blank mind and come to an end with black-outs. In the middle of another kind of dream, you can also start seeing a healing dream even if there is no logical connection. Healing dreams are always experienced in positive mood. If dwelling in a dream gives you a positive mood, it is ultimately because, it is telling you something that you want to hear, see and feel. When you are sick, what brings up your morale and motivation more than anything else is hearing, seeing and feeling a healing dream.

For healing dreams, it is no accident that they do not have any beginning. Their inception dates back to the creation of the universe. Speaking in measurable and experimental science, when there is no beginning to something, then there is no inception. You can see the measurable and experimental reality evolving through pain and through healing in your own life too. So let's measure and experiment it:

Human Identity in Doubt: Physical Identity or Digital Identity?

If there is no other reality in one reality, that also means there is no going out further of the 3rd dimension, where time is a constant stoppage value, then how many other dreams at maximum can be in one dream? 8 = Two subtracted from 10 = Three to the power of 2. This experiment leads us to Lorenz Attractor the discovery of the Butterfly Effect also shaped in the form of number 8. This means literally, there are 7 alternate realities in every moment. The popular misunderstood term "Virtual Reality" is not part of this 7. Yet instead of the physical reality, when virtual reality is picked to choose an alternative destiny, virtual reality creates an easier access for you to change your destiny, since the boundaries of the virtual reality is only set by your own mind code. In other words, when Physical Universe has a butterfly-shaped "8" plane, the plane of the Virtual Universe is cubic.

Healing dreams are major achievements in one's life. They provide you with your eternal identity, considering that human soul is eternal. That's the only identity that really matters and is irreplaceable. If you think your Earth life identity is irreplaceable, have a look at this: buy yourself a new physical identity!

Phase B, Achievement 3: Prophetic Dreams

Only a mindset that flows with analytically observational nonperiodic algorithms during the unconscious period can abstract "data" from any mode of reality. The abstracted data is decoded in the abstract mind. The new code is able to:

    (-) shapeshift a new future designing an alternate reality as the universal reality via substansialization (using power of a darkness)
    (+) stop an alternate reality from shifting the future (using power of the light)

The working principle of 4th dimension, the Time, is that the new code can achieve both of the two operations simultaneously. Yet human mindset is only capable of achieving the first (-) one. This achievement is called "a prophesy".

When some unconscious mind delivers a data from the universal reality future to the universal present time, through the process of learning the data in future, the mind decodes it via cognitive process, and this decoding simply shapeshifts the future. When future is told through this decoding, it is not the same as the delivered data any more. The decoded data predicts the future correctly, because it has been supported by a dark power who wanted to shapeshift the future. And the horrible fact is:

    when a future is predicted, it is not the actual future destined originally, yet it turns to be the universal future of every existence(beings and non-beings together) due to the shapeshifting ability of darkness.

Particularly for that reason, something that meant to happen, might not always happen, for there is active darkness spreading its invisible net over it. A dream of future that appears to you in your dream might not always happen, unless it is supported by the eternal power of the light. But another dream of future that appears to you might happen, because it is the only hope for darkness to exist. So don't get happy or excited, when you predicted the future right, because you've been fooled by a demon who shapeshifted your actual future.

Now this is the exact case of Nostradamus, the only future predictor who has never gone wrong. As a matter of fact the result of the calamities and disasters of his predictions indicates that he couldn't actually foretell the exact future. Instead he decoded a data from the future, and helped a demon to shapeshift it. If you are looking for who is guilty of 9/11, through this methodology it is obvious to see, it was Nostradamus who made it happen. 9/11 wasn't a simple terrorist attack. It is ultimately the attack of the spiritual intelligence on Earth. It also tells us that 9/11 wasn't the actual destined future when looked from the year 1555, when Nostradamus received the correct data via his unconscious mind, his mind decoded an alternative future of Sept.11th,2001 through cognitive process, and the data he recalled was different from its origin, but it still revealed the true future. Because the truth we lived was not the destined truth, since it was shapeshifted through darkness.

Nostradamus and Prophesy Analysis: Past-Prophetic Information, Active Prophetic Information, Future Prophesies

" get rid of this awful feeling"

Call me pessimistic or blame me if I am wrong, but the truth is every prophesy ever, not excluding one, is a shapeshift. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?(*ref*5) Because, prophetic dreams leave you restless until the predictions occur. When you can finally have a rest, stop and look at the results of your prediction: It is always worse for the universal balance of justice than before it was predicted. The standard equation is this:

    "Prophesy is for the unconscious. Prediction is for the conscious. There is no universally appropriate human mindset that can ever keep a prophesy as it is. Because humans are conscious beings. And prophesies are unconscious data"

The video above is an active prophetic information, from which is retrieved from David Lynch's mystery feature Mulholland Drive(2001). Mulholland Drive's story itself includes a past-prophetic information of the death of an aspiring actress in Hollywood. A mystery that stands against letting the sleeping dogs lie and tries to discover a whitewashed homicide.

If we open up the subject with our prototype of arranged marriage, a past-prophetic information might be regarding a forbidden love of a married woman that appears to a third person. Mention that James Cameron's Titanic(1998) film was a past-prophetic information of what actually has happened to Rose Dawson character. She was forced to marry with a rich tycoon while she was having an affair with lower class Jack Dawson. Since Jack character died in Titanic disaster, Rose character was still subject to have an unhappy marriage for Jack was her true love. Witnessing this secret and telling it as a story or a movie is a past-prophetic information. Again as a prophesy, it doesn't make anything better, but only delivers a reputation damage to the family that was established by Rose Dawson after having lost her true love in life.

Prophetic information may sometimes be delivered by a deceased person to a living individual. Taken from a real life memoir of a soldier, revealing that he was asleep in a winter night inside an army tent when he saw his late mother coming to wake him up because it was cold. He continued sleeping because he couldn't link "awakening" with "cold weather", until the moment he wakes up to find out that he was just about to die freezing in the night just like all his brothers-in-arms who were already frozen to death, as a soldier of Napoleon's army invading Russia, in the year 1812. This anecdote can be studied under Active Prophetic Information, for it stops some occurring, but gives more pain and more struggle than not receiving it at all. The soldier saved from dying in cold has lived the rest of his life arms and legs completely paralyzed, and his commander Napoleon was exiled from his country sentenced to die in a tiny off-shore island in Mediterranean. Again the prophesy wasn't able to make anything better. Dreams that can turn things better and can serve useful purpose will be studied in Phase A.

If you are actively involved in an Active Prophesy(a.k.a.Clairvoyance), this is literally the multiplification of your own self. Even though you are dreaming, and your physical body is sleeping; your astral body is travelling in the same physical reality, whether seen or unseen, and brings your mind an active information, so you can wake up and go to the given location. It is not unusual. Mothers, who dream of their children, tend to receive active prophesy about them, so they can go and manipulate the reality. Since this is studied under prophesy, and not Epic Dreaming, this active prophetic information may be subject to cause a bigger problem to arise once you receive the knowledge, just like in a soap opera classic: A woman in love sees her lover in a dream and goes to make him a surprise but finds him in the arms of another woman, ends up in a sudden shock witnessing her always-been-loyal boyfriend cheating on her for the first time, and she turns her back against all the men on the Earth. That active prophetic information once again did not make anything better, instead put everything out of array.

Phase A, Ultimate Achievement: Epic Dreams compared versus Psychic Abilities

Prophetic dreams, also referred to as precognitions or psychic dreams, can also be studied in forms of psychic abilities, in which there are inhumane motivations that can lead to self-destruction if not used appropriately for both microcosm and macrocosm, pushing human form onto the verge of extinction.

The only way when this motivation is used appropriately is through Epic or Numinous Dreaming. How do you know if your dream is an epic dream? Here is a checklist to complete altogether:

1. An epic dream brings about greater awareness to you, in an unforgettable way. There is a big self-development in you, after this dream. You are at your best self.
2. An epic dream is a pathfinder, it makes you look at life from a fresh new perspective.
3. An epic dream invokes strong emotions, before during and after the dream for a limited period of time you are filled with intuitions.
4. An epic dream is extremely vivid and memorable. The images are so provocative that you cannot stop thinking about it.
5. An epic dream fills you with awe as soon as you wake up, because it includes the entire cosmos within and it is related to every existence(beings and non-beings together).
6. An epic dream not only gives you cosmic relics, but it also teaches you how to use it. And after your initial use, this relic is encoded within your mind code. Nobody else can have access to it without your knowledge.

Seeing 9/11 in the year 1555 is not an Epic Dream, but seeing it on Sept,7,2011 and stop it from happening would have been. Through epic dreaming only, you and I would still exist, and make this same conversation again, even if we weren't in the human form.

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