The World Of Ideas: Dreaming in Personal Level for a Successful Life (part 1 of 2)

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Dreaming is a method of auxiliary communication humans cannot physically able to establish by themselves. This research article provides a simple guide for you to conquer deepest fears in your life, or to achieve a goal you have always failed to achieve by methods of teaching your subconsciousness with real-life testimonials. (Rating: PG-14, for 14 years of age or below requires parents guidance to read. Patients with mental illness history are not recommended to read)

Questions to be Answered within this article

    * What did Sigmund Freud ultimately discover about being human that no scientist has ever discovered and will ever discover again?

    * What is the biggest reason behind the common point of the most successful leaders, pioneers and heroes of all times in history that they are all thankful to their mothers above everything else; and they all had a very depressive childhood?

    * What does a patient in vegetative state see, do or experience?

    * What is the most simplest way to recover from Multiple Personality Disorder?

    * A real-life example case: "My twin brother and I go to same school, and we are in the same class. We usually study for the exams together. But for the last exam that I failed, and he passed; I swear to God he didn't study a single page. The night before the exam I was awake whole night memorizing every passage and every page to be able to pass, because neither of us did study previously. We took the exam together, and I watched him filling his paper with the unending writings of his pen. I couldn't write a fully correct answer to any question, and I failed of course, but how on Earth he passed the exam?"

    * A retired pole vault athlete at a very young age: "I am suffering from severe acrophobia. I am afraid of heights. I cannot look down to my feet when I am jumping, because it appears to be too high, and I feel the pain begins to slow me down as if I already fell down while I am still on the mid-air. How can I conquer my fear please?"

    Upcoming in the next parts of these series you will also find answers to:
    * For humans how many realms are there other than "Life" and "Death"?

    * What is the most certain point of view to separate "Real" from "Unreal"?

    * Why is Nostradamus the only future-teller who has never gone wrong, and why was he hated so much?

    * Can a human be present at two different places at the same time in reality(real-time)?

    * What if there is no inception? (a.k.a. If there is no other reality in one reality, then how many other dreams at maximum can be in one dream?)

    * What are the modes of reality and how many other realities are there at the present time?

    * What is the power that stops alternate reality from shifting the future?

    * Is virtual reality just a gaming mode?

    * Without being eliminated can the virtual reality turn alternate reality into real future?

    * Development of which technology cost trillion dollars and dropped the mask of CIA to complete a KGB counter-intelligence project with the least harm possible to the future of humanity?

    * Is human form on the verge of extinction?

    * If there are no more humans, can you and I still exist, and make this conversation again?

Wishes and Dreams - the intro

    You, the scientist of the future, beware of your autonomic nervous system. Because this is what makes you a human, born from a mother. Robots will never have such a system, for they are not to be designed to be born inside a mother's womb. Hence robots will never know what is right and what is wrong, but humans do. Now, don't we understand Matrix even better?

A wish and a dream are two different brain activities. In order to produce a wish, the brain functions within an instant; and each moment the brain can produce more wishes with the ability of recycling old wishes. Yet producing a dream is quite a long and everlastingly enduring process. A dream is experienced in consciousness so that when it is over it is registered in sub-consciousness. When the inception of dreamy experiences are achieved, unlike wishes, they are not stored in recycling stations so that it is never easy to recall a past dream which is only through residues of symbols. Yet again, a past wish can be recycled, and you can wish again what you have wished when you were 3.

Dreams and wishes are both products of conscious state. Consciousness is regularly in touch with our inner conscience. Being conscious or half-conscious is enough to communicate with your conscience. On the other hand being unconscious is a totally different state for the brain. If the brain functions properly, it will try reaching the conscious state via the unconscious mind being tested through a limitless vision. This vision may become either of those listed below:

    * a durable image out of the consciousness,
    * an on-going dream in which we are not participated and we are unaware that we are dreaming,
    * a clairaudience where we are unaware that we are part of a voice communication and don't know how to respond(due to lack of telepathy experiences supposed to be transferred from mother's autonomic nervous system to the child),
    * a clairvoyance where we are unaware that we are in the actual future(if you become aware then it is not clairvoyance so it's just an ego dream).

Those listed above are 4 ways to alter your sub-conscience, the sense of what is right and what is wrong. To give a widely known anecdote, let's remember Apostle Paul's conversion to Christianity from Acts 9:3-7 (KJV):

" And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?. And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man."

Saul's conversion to Christianity takes place through this clairaudience which affected multiple people at the same time. Out of all the men on this clairaudience journey only Saul was blind. So the others cannot see what Saul sees, that is why this is in scientific norms called clairaudience, free from the vision Saul saw. Just like any unconscious mind reaching its consciousness through a clairaudience vision, so does Saul's, and his sense of what's right and what's wrong is altered completely.

While dreaming is auxiliary communication with the sub-conscience, wishes are primary communication with your conscience. Now this conscience is the sense of what is right and what is wrong, and personal conscience is a product of the autonomic nervous system which is transferred from our mothers at around age 3.

Dreaming occurs only when you separate dreaming from "the" consciousness, whereas a wish occurs whenever you are able to use "your" consciousness. A wish is initiated as a product of mind, but a dream may not be. A brain-dead patient goes into vegetative state and can no longer make wishes, but he/she is still able to dream during the vegetative state. But the capabilities of dreams are not quite limited with these.

Capabilities of Dreams - part 1 of 3

Austrian Scientist Sigmund Freud uses the term wunscherfüllung (wish fulfillment) when explaining the life cycle of an ego. In his epoch-making thesis of "The Interpretation Of Dreams"(1899) Freud discovers the secret of unconsciousness, modelling on a family child's voyage of self-awareness that auto-grows starting by age 3(*1).

At age 3 human brain start producing dreams, and at latest by the age of 6 the brain must start making wishes without the need for dreaming ; which reasons with why infants need more sleep than elder kids. When taking care of her child, every mother's Autonomic Nervous System allows the infant to gain the ability of making wishes by the age of 6 if not before. Also was discovered by Freud, humans who can remember their dreams seen at age 3 have growth their wish-making abilities earlier than age 6 ; due to two cases:

    1) a passionate mother spending more time with the infant even when he/she is sleeping -->> giving an ultimate wish in life for everyone: the wish to be with your mother


    2) a disastrous and depressive time period (e.g. World War I, The Holocaust, slavery, earthquake, poverty, prison...) -->> on the time of which wishing is forced to be made easy: peace and comfort.

Learning to make good wishes for an infant is the ultimate growth of that infant's consciousness, so he/she can lead a successful life no matter what life's conditions bring. I am writing this article right now, for I was lucky having had a passionate homemaking mother and having had very educative children-programming on TV in the early 1980s'. Today in 2016, I can still remember my Epic Dreams(*2) I've seen at age 6, in 1988 ; examples through testimonials of which you are about to read from the articles below.

Dream States

Dreams are not real, but they are true. How a truth becomes reality, is an act of Creation, and the reasons of the Creation. Consider that you are a breathing organism. This is true even if you are unborn. But it is only real when the truth is revealed in reality that you find yourself as a breathing organism. This method is applied to dreams. For a dream that is true, to become part of the reality, there are certain phases to be achieved(not only by your own will). Quite dramatically, these phases occur individually different for everybody.

For a dream to be part of your reality, it sometimes begins with nightmares, sometimes with lucid dreaming, progressive dreaming or reoccurring dreams. A child's dream development starts between 3 - 6 years old. At age 6, a child can daydream whether with a wish or without. This is why at age 6 a child must start attending school, to develop his social awareness together with that developing dreams capability. Besides school would bring more wishes to the child. With a strong wish, it is easier to daydream.

Upcoming below is a list of Dream States, starting from Phase D as the lowest, ending by Phase A as the highest achievement in dreaming. Each type of dream is introduced with How to? and Why? questions. The question How often? also guides you through the experience and recommends you what to do.

    Phase D, Achievement 1

How to?
Daydreaming is classified as the inception of dreaming experience because it takes place on a beginner level of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. Hence daydreaming is both sleep and wakefulness at the same time. It occurs with a little or no effort. Within a matter of few seconds of a busy minute of your mind, you can find yourself daydreaming. Or you can manipulate your mind easily to get into daydreaming.

How often?
Studies show that you have the tendency to daydream an average of 70-120 minutes a day, after age 12. It occurs during waking hours when you let your imagination carry you away. As your mind begins to wander and your level of awareness decreases, you lose yourself in your imagined scenario and fantasy. If your sleeping schedule is alright, and when you wake up you get enough time to think about yourself, this will improve your daydreaming at first. And it will also give you deeper self-awareness and self-confidence to make those hopes and wishes come true.

You can utilize daydreams as a technique to visualize what you want and hope to happen. It is said that many athletes, musicians and business leaders utilize daydreams to envision success. They anticipate or imagine landing the perfect jump, closing a deal, or making that hit single. Tiger Woods, for one, has said to use daydreams to improve his golf game, to visualize more effectively the location of the golf holes in his mind.

    Phase D, Achievement 2
    Lucid Dreams a.k.a Dream Killers

How to?
Lucid dreaming is a certain life experience, and it applies to everybody, to most pets and wild animals and to some plants too. Even a 6-year old kid who dies in an accident but continues living on a vegetative state for a while sees lucid dreams. Lucid Dreams are the most easiest recalling dreams. You pay just a little attention with a minimum use of memory, then you will remember what was the dream. Mention you wake up at 7:20 a.m. in the morning. And the first thing that came to your mind is your overnight dream. You think this is the only dream you saw last night. But you probably have seen this at around 6 a.m, that made you forget all the previous other dreams that you saw the same night. Because Lucid Dreaming is the closest mode to awakening, after Daydreaming which is seen half-awaken. You remember this dream vividly and that gives you a comfort that your sub-conscious tells you that "you didn't miss anything". If lucid dreaming is the only dreaming you think you see, then your sub-consciousness is quite likely misleading you.

How often?
Lucid Dreams occur when you realize you are dreaming. Your realization kills the dream, but you may still continue living the dream, remembering that you are on your bed, and you are tired, and in the morning when you wake up there will be lots of things to do; so even if it is just a Dream Killer, sleep along, so you can have some more rest. This time what's leading you is your consciousness. When you are consciously sleeping, it is a dream killer ; and this makes any type of dream turn into a lucid dream even if it is a nightmare. And fellas, is there a bigger joy then killing a nightmare in this life.... Aaah! Please also note that some dreams like prophetic dreams could never be lucid. We will talk about this later on.

Throughout the day when you are awake, ask to your consciousness "Is this a dream?". It will say: "Of course not". Don't let it say: "I don't care". And the sub-consciousness will be developed via this conversation. You may want to develop some awakening codes, like pinching yourself or whispering(because people most often do not pinch themselves or start whispering all of a sudden in dream states). Or be creative and find a very unique way that would never happen anywhere else other than in your bedroom: Go to your study desk, and open up a notebook and read a note that you wrote earlier, or read an anonymous page from your favorite novel. So that when you are sleep-dreaming, your sub-consciousness will stand by your side. This is very important to be your own self, even when you are dreaming. This also provides a very amateur and simple solution to recover from beginner level of Multiple Personality Disorder.

Studies show that at least half of all adults experience multiple lucid dreams with no meaning on their unrelated periods of their lives, e.g. swimming in Summer season in a sea and you start seeing a reindeer walking on the shore approaching to the sea as if you will be needing some help from her and it starts snowing than you realize you should not be swimming, but you don't know why you should not be swimming in a snowy weather ; because for the sub-conscious mind believes that if you can swim, you can always swim, whether it is snowing or even the fact of snowing is supported by a reindeer, and swimming in a snowy weather in a dream won't kill your sleeping body.

If you experience a deadly journey and you end up dying within your sleeping body, this is a kind of a Prophetic Dream. A Prophetic Dream that is subject to end your real life gives you the option of waking up or continue sleeping in order to experience a painless death. If you subconsciously believe that there are more pains for you in real life than there is in any kind of dream ; then you won't suffer any pain from dying since you have trained your subconscious to be afraid of pain, and you will know that you are dead. You will feel the difference. We will discuss and compare prophetic dreams, dreamy dying dreams and life-ending dreams in the next article: The World Of Ideas Part 2.

Interpreting a dream could tell you about interesting facts of future or past. But lucid dream interpretations are usually do not match with reality. Often a physical capability or discapability is the inner-motivation for lucid dreaming. For instance seeing yourself flying is associated with lucid dreams, that can be interpreted in various meanings: That you are hoping about something which won't happen, or that you are going into an easygoing lifestyle to get rid of daily struggles. Yet if flying is experienced in a prophetic dream, it means totally different. With practice, lucid dreaming can be learned, achieved and identified at your will.

In the lucid state, you are more willing to confront threats and as a result, become more self confident. Lucid dreams can help you visualize and rehearse a pre-planned event in your mind before it actually occurs, e.g. mention you are a lazy student and you have an exam tomorrow: you trust your knowledge and you didn't study anything before you go to sleep, during your sleep, your sub-conscious mind will force you experiencing a lucid dream of a future scenario of your exam ; you may not recall this dream until the next day that you end up actually in the exam and feeling a deja-vu moment that you don't know why. What happened is explained here: You wanted to pass that exam so bad, but you didn't want to study for it. The only thing that could save you from failing that exam is your sub-conscious. Your sub-conscious forces your imagination to produce a nightmare-like lucid dream and this dream helps to overcome your fears and anxieties by predicting one of the worst possibilities that could ever happen during your exam, and witnessing this dream you will tremble with fear. You will tremble with so much fear during that exam's dream rehearsal that after you wake up, there is no more fear left to be afraid of. The application of lucid dreams is limited to your imagination, your assessment of your own capabilities, a strong memory of your childhood and your inner-awareness which is sum of all these. Your sub-consciousness alone could help you pass an exam without studying at all, instead of studying only the previous night for the exam and you will end up failing, because you didn't teach anything to your sub-conscious for this exam. And when we are talking about teaching your sub-conscious for the upcoming troubles in life, this is when human behavior acts supernaturally.

False Awakening a.k.a. Illucid Dreams

Phase D, Achievement 3

    a video-music clip to a Turkish pop song in early 90s'

False Awakening was a popular culture theme of the late 80s' and early 90s' derived its motivation from the concept of false awakening dreams. Within a sociocultural approach this term also stood for not having the expectations met with what happens in life, usually used for criticizing political systems, education systems and career-driven hardships in Western culture. False Awakening as a sociocultural term applied to many iconic and fan movies starting from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange(1971), Pink Floyd The Wall(1982) and lasted until Harold Ramis's Groundhog Day(1993), and ultimately Fincher's Edward Norton classic: The Fight Club(1999).

Sampling from the movies, I find it necessary to open up this subject with a visually clear theme. Out of those 4 movies about false awakening counted above, Groundhog Day has the most relevant content for false awakening as a dream. In this film, a reporter finds himself reliving the same day over and over and over and over again, until to a certain experience of reliving the same day that he knows what is going to happen next and who is going to say next. The overdose of comedy goes above the limits of actual false awakening dreams, making it implausible, but overall Groundhog Day is one of the best comedies ever putting an ordinary guy in an extra-ordinary situation of false awakening every day.

How to?
In real life to all of us, these type of dreams happens randomly and unconditionally at almost any case. If you are an engineer or working in a technical field, you are more vulnerable to see false awakening dreams often. But if you work in a creative field, or if you have an adventurist life-style and you live everyday differently, then false awakening just does not apply to you.

Have you ever thought you have waken up and gone about your daily routine: getting up, looking for a matching pair of socks, checking the fridge to find what you like to eat, getting dressed, locking your door, and going to work, and all of a sudden only to wake up "again" and realize that what just happened is just a dream. That sensation is referred to as a false awakening. Because you kept doing the same thing everyday, your sub-conscious mind is telling you, "feed me with something different you idiot!"

How often?
False Awakening dreams is not likely to be seen everyday, or continuously. You might see a dream like this once every 5 years so. If you become part of long spells within same environments for a long time, and you feel like you need a change in your life, then you'll start seeing these dreams. The key point with false awakening dreams is that to figure out whether you have seen this moment in a dream or not.

False Awakening Dreams are the opposite of Lucid Dreams, for that reason it is sometimes referred to as Illucid Dreams, which is technically correct, but not right in concept. In Lucid Dreams you try to wake up, and when you realize that you can wake up and finish the dream, than this is a lucid dream. Whereas false awakening never has lucid moments during the dream. False Awakening Dreams are quite the reliving of your yesterday's memory submerging with tomorrow's memory, since your subconscious mind knows that what you lived yesterday, you will live tomorrow.

There is no waking up to consciousness in the middle of False Awakening Dreams, unless the dream is completed. These type of dreams are in total control of your subconscious mind and are merely a projection of their storage. This is the only type of dream, that even if you see yourself manipulating the dream, it is actually manipulated by your subconsciousness. Hence it is the least manipulable dream kind of all.

To conclude this topic, I will mention another fan movie from early 90s' that is not a false awakening movie, until its ending scene:

A mars explorer astronaut finds his dream lover girl in Mars, and asks her: "What if all these were a dream?" and she responds: "Then kiss me before you wake up". The couple french kiss, and the film ends. A movie that is not understood correctly. Yes, we are talking about Paul Verhoeven's the original Total Recall(1990).

In that ending scene, the entire movie turns to become a false awakening dream that the mars explorer has gone to Mars many many times before. But during his dreams, he still sees himself as if he is still going to Mars for the first time, on each time following all different scenarios. In fact, he is an adventurist Mars explorer, he dreams to fight with Martians, dreams to find Mutants, dreams to find an evil businessman and beat him, and dreams to find a charming brunette girl in Mars other than his slutty blonde wife. Though he is adventurist enough to actually live all he hopes for, what he finds in Mars is all boring routine: There is no atmosphere, there is no air, there is no life form, there is only these endless and boring excavation that finds nothing than Mars soil, which is always lifeless. So his subconscious mind produces these ego travels, that each time he goes to Mars, he never recalls the previous time; so that he can have some fun adventure.

Capabilities of Dreams - part 2 of 3: Nightmares

Phase C, Achievement 1

    Remember, your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you’re feeding the right ones -
    from The Devil's Wanton(1949) by Ingmar Bergman

A retired pole vault athlete at a very young age suffers from severe acrophobia. He is simply afraid of heights. His fear is so deep that he cannot climb to a ladder, he cannot live in second floor, he cannot come out at a balcony, he cannot travel in a bus, he cannot swim in a pool, and he cannot even walk with watching where his feet goes. He said: "I cannot look down to my feet when I am jumping, because it appears to be too high, and I feel the pain begins to slow me down as if I already fell down again while I am still on the mid-air". Before death conquers his life, he needs to conquer his fear of acrophobia somehow. What do you think he should do?

May be a psychotherapy that could last around 10 years might help. May be the mental hospital provides the most guaranteed safety. Or may be if he prisons himself in a wheelchair, when he is still able to walk,run,jump ; that might help?

The right recommendation is "No". None of this will help. And each and every one of those will only develop his fear deeper and darker. Fear is a product of darkness. It is not a solid algorithm. Even though fear is a developing progression there are no steps, no performance nor operation. It is a non-solid algorithm.

Author Paulo Coelho suggests that there is no difference between a coward and a brave except their methods of fighting. Both coward and brave face the same fear. Coward uses the fear as brake, and runs away from what he is afraid of. Whereas the brave uses the fear as engine, and runs toward to beat what he is afraid of. The ultimate working solution for any type and any degree of fear, is to manipulate the fear into something that is not scary.

Why seeing nightmare? Is "What did I do wrong?" a right question?
Nightmares are good practices for coming over fear. A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes you to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. A reason of a nightmare may be a response to real life trauma and situations that is studied under Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare (PSN). Nightmares may also occur because you have ignored or refused to accept a particular life situation. Research shows that most people who have regular nightmares have a family history of psychiatric problems, are involved in a rocky relationship or have had bad drug experiences. These people may have also contemplated suicide. Nightmares are an indication of a fear that needs to be acknowledged and confronted. It is a way for the subconscious to wake up and take notice. "Pay attention, assess and look closer!"

How often?
You tend to wake up in fear in the midst of a nightmare. Because of its frightening nature, you are more likely to remember your nightmares and the vivid details. They have a bigger impact upon your waking mind. Its images stay with you throughout the day. Some studies show that people who are more sensitive, intuitive, creative, or imaginative are more prone to have nightmares. This may be because they are more empathetic and more in tune with their surroundings. One reason for nightmares may be a way for your unconscious to get your attention about a situation or problem that you have been avoiding and your subconsciousness direct you to solve it.

If you have ongoing fear that threatens your well-being, and that you really are worried about it, then you tend to experience nightmares sooner or later. And be hopeful about them. Nightmares are a way of growth of subconscious mind, and to be able to grow, certain tasks should be achieved inside the inner journeys.

If you believe yourself that you are doing the right thing in whatever you are doing in life, nightmares help you overcome the problems you are facing, or you will be facing in the future. Sometimes nightmares serve to warn you about your health or an accident. However, often times nightmares stem from a deeper level indicating that something is troubling you from within your subconscious. Discussing, analyzing, and understanding your nightmares can lead to a solution to problems such as internal conflicts or personal difficulties, as in fear habits or addictions that you want to stop.

Solution to overcome fear is: Trust your nightmares and try to finish the dream. Even if you wake up in midst of a nightmare, take notes on a notebook of what have you seen, what were you trying to accomplish; and go back to sleep, if not on the first dream, but on one of the next dreams, a good-feeling dream will be connected to that nightmare and you will have the courage to see it and experience it finishing.

My favorite series of nightmares of my lifetime occurred first in 1988 when I was 6 years old(*2), and was going to sleep right after watching the series "V" Visitors from Space with Jane Badler. I don't exactly remember what was the inception of the nightmare about, but at the end of each nightmare, I used to find my sleeping body in my bedroom, with every lifeless furniture and toys in my bedroom coming to life and trying to stop me from doing something extending their zombie hands, and that something was this: My dream ego was choking my sleeping body in a dream. I was 6 years old, and I used to wake up from nightmares screaming that I stopped myself from choking my other self. 11 years later, same nightmares returned with more vivid images, more disturbing nature, more evil ideas, weapons, flame-throwers, raping my classmates in their bedrooms and choking myself not to stop from raping them but to stop the damn nightmare. Soon, the victim choking process was altered to something more dreadful. My other self was shaking victims from their shoulders, shaking them so powerfully that their souls come out from their bodies scared, so that when I choke my victim, I was going to have the comfort of knowing that "I didn't kill them", their souls left their bodies before I killed them. Nothing of those has anything to do with my real life. But the night of August,17th,1999. I experienced and finished the final of the series of my 11 year-long nightmares, that didn't come to a story-ending but turned into reality. The ending of those nightmares was the reality itself! I was shaking my mother in my nightmare, so that her soul would leave her body before I kill her. My mother and father were sleeping next door. I woke up half-conscious. I wanted to stay in the nightmare, because it felt more safe for some reason. It was 2:58 a.m. Everything was so real. I can still feel today how the freezing cold of my bare feet felt, and the shaking of my entire body and the uncontrollable movements of my hands raising up leading me the way! I opened the bedroom door of my parents and yelled: "Mum, something bad is going to happen!". They both woke up and turned on the lights. My father was so angry with me for being so moron again. But my mum calmed him down. The house was shaking. It was 3:01 a.m. on their digital alarm clock, the digital numbers were vibrating. They didn't see or feel anything I saw and felt ; and knowing that I was the only one who knew everything was the most thrilling fear ever. My mum held me from my shoulders and looked me in the eye, and the shaking of the house is stopped.... Stopped for maximum of 30 seconds. At 3:02 a.m. August 17th, 1999, an earthquake occurred in our country and 17,000 people died 24,000 people severely injured, an earthquake that I knew in my heart during my nightmare for the reason why I find myself shaking people's bodies and convincing myself that I didn't kill them, but I saved them ; and I was able to guess what was the nightmare about 4 minutes prior to its occurring in real-world. But in 4 minutes of time how can you save 41,000 sleeping people from dying in the middle of the night? Well, today I am telling myself ; if I was self-confident enough during that night, I would be possibly able to do something, at least make an emergency call 911 or something. But since I was in fear, I wasn't able to think and consider the possibilities and the facts during the nightmare. Thankfully nobody from my family or our apartment got injured from the earthquake. In fact, the neighborhood I was living was not damaged at all. Even though we felt and lived the earthquake for 4 continuous minutes, no apartment or house was damaged in our neighborhood. I remember counting the seconds of how long the earthquake lasted for, waiting in front of an open window for the building to start bending down so I can jump outside: Because I knew the answer in my heart. I woke up 4 minutes prior to the catastrophe that was going to last exactly 4 minutes. After that night I never wore any wrist watch again.

The conclusion is the way to manipulate your nightmare to tell you what you need to know about your sub-consciousness is to think, to consider, to assess and to compare every odd detail in nightmares with your real-life. In the next article, following of this page, we will be discussing the developing of Nostradamus's nightmares from different points of views.

The message of my subconscious to me was clear. If you are good in heart, even the worst nightmare that you see, will bring something good to your life. I have never seen another nightmare since that night in August,1999. Perhaps yes I did see a nightmare afterwards, but I took it as a good dream. It provided a stream of consciousness to my inner-life. Now this final series of my nightmares is called an Epic Nightmare, and it is not unusual that it might apply to anybody with nothing special, which we will discuss it, during my next article: Part 2 in The World Of Ideas.

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