The art of eating sunflower seeds and their value

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This on eating sunflower seeds starts a series of articles on curiosities round the world, starting in Spain.

The art of eating sunflower seeds and their value

Every country in the world have a lifestyle. They have their own traditional customs and habits. Some are funny and they are worth keeping, but others may seem bit nasty to outsiders. Yet, this is life and what people have adopted from one generation to another.
Eating sunflower seeds in their shells is one of them and we can say that Spaniards are masters in opening their shells with their teeth to eat the seeds and then to spit the shells onto the ground.
In some countries, they sell them already without their shells in small plastic bags, but there is no fun in getting peeled sunflower seeds and one is likely to swallow the whole of the bag of sunflower seeds in one go or have them by handfuls.
No, one is going to have one at a time, crack it, using one's teeth, spit the shell to eat the seed. Then, one will take another and another and this bag that cost few cents will take all afternoon or to last the whole of the film session. It's also sort of pastime when we are waiting at the bus stop or in the underground train platform or we are waiting to this person that is taking long to arrive to meet us.
Such a habit is also good when one is nervous about something and kind of entertainment when one is bored.
In the past, when most cinemas showed two films and they had continuous sessions, meaning that there was no interval or there was, perhaps, a short one to call on the bar for a sandwich, a drink and another bag of roasted sunflower seeds, by the end of the first film, the floor was already fully carpeted with the shells of sunflower seeds.
Crack! crack!, it was heard as an usher walked along the aisle.
When there wasn't too much cash for a great social life such as concerts or plays, people used to stroll in the promenades talking with each other and cracking seeds with their teeth, spitting the shells in the air and the good conversation went on.
Sunflower seeds were, and still are, sold in small shops or stalls that sell sweets and a variety of nuts.
The seller will ask us if we want them salted or without salt, raw or roasted and they'll fill a paper cone that more often than not will be a piece of a newspaper sheet. They may have them in plastic bags too, but they will always be in their shells, because there is no fun in just having a mouthful of them, but remember; one at a time. Crack it with your teeth, spit the shell and eat the seed.
Besides other nutrients, sunflower seeds are very rich in Vitamin E that, as all of us know, is very good to keep free radicals at bay and fine skin.

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21st Mar 2016 (#)

Oh, your blog is so wonderful. It's really a huge pleasure to crack the sunflower seeds with teeth, then spit the shells and eat the seeds. I like eating sunflower seeds very much.

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