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One of the most startling changes that seems to be happening in our world now, is the rise of the number of overweight people. This is further leading to a number of health disorders which are giving rise to a global epidemic. To get rid of this problem, we will have to work at the real beginning...

Why do we get fat?

Now that is one question which has many answers. Like many of us think, its not just our eating habits that make us fat. There are, in fact, plenty of reasons for putting on weight..

The first thing we need to understand, is that weight gain is not always due to accumulation of fat. In some disorders, it may be accumulation of fluid in the body that's making the body heavier. So, if your weight gain has been significantly rapid, you might want to visit your doctor to rule out the possibility of fluid accumulation.

On the other hand, if you've put on weight over a long period of time and you've become fat in all the "fatty" areas, then you can, in all probabilities, reverse the changes.

So coming back to my initial question... Why do we get fat? Well it may be because of any of the following reasons.
1. Excess intake of calories. Not the only reason but definitely the most common one.
2. Inadequate physical activity.
3. Stress! There's some weird connection between your brain and your adipose tissue which makes you blow up when you're stressed.
4. Pregnancy. This, of course, applies to women. It is physiological and the weight returns to normal, a few months after pregnancy if there is adequate physical activity and the diet is right.
5. Endocrine abnormalities. Reduced thyroid hormones and excess cortisol causes weight gain.
6. Genetics. Some people are genetically prone to become obese.
7. Drugs. There are some drugs with an inherent property of adding weight. Oral contraceptives for example.

Now having mentioned the most common causes of obesity, what needs to be done, is to tackle the problem...

How do we lose weight?

The method we use to lose weight depends mainly on the cause for weight gain. So basically, if its your diet that's making you fat, I'd say plan a healthier diet and forget all those fat-rich, extra yummy food... But lets face it! That's easier said than done. So what's the most practical way of going about this?

Step 1: Be motivated. Unless you WANT to lose weight, you can't do it. If you're reading this because someone else thinks you need to lose weight, then forget about it! For all I know, you'll be back to those sinful delicacies a minute after you're done reading this. So I repeat, tell yourself that this is exactly what YOU want.

Step 2: Keep a goal in mind. You should know how much you want to lose in how many days. But hey! Make it realistic! You can't lose all that extra weight in a matter of a week or two...

Step 3: Plan your course of action. So how do you want to reduce weight? You would want to try one of these:
a. Go for an early morning jog. That's perhaps the best way of shedding weight. Its amazingly refreshing too. Only thing.. don't come back and pop chocolates into your mouth! You're taking the pain to lose those calories, lets maintain it that way shall we?
b. Hit the gym! Ah this can be a little painful but hey! The fat hates it just as much as you do! So you'll end up getting slim before you know it!
c. Walk around more! Climb stairs instead of using the lift, quit using those remote controls, walk around your whole house, help out in the kitchen, whatever it takes to keep moving.
d. Yoga. A brilliant way to lose weight!
e. If none of these work even if you've given it your best shot... then visit your doctor.

After having said all that, I'd personally recommend body exercise. It works on those areas where you want it to work so you can choose the type of exercise you want to do.

I'd just like to conclude by saying...With a healthy body comes a healthy life. Lets hope that the epidemic of obesity comes to an end so the human race can live a longer and more fruitful life...


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29th Jul 2013 (#)

good tips Elsie, if only applying them was as easy as reading :)

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29th Jul 2013 (#)

I know what you mean maryam... I'm a bit of a fitness freak myself but heavens... getting up in the morning for that refreshing jog is so NOT refreshing! But who says we can't give it a try? :-)

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