The benefits of going organic.

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A look at the ways in which conventional foods could be harming us in ways that we don't even fully understand and how eating organic can remedy this.

The benefits of going organic.

The food we eat nowadays is riddles with chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides, all to get you that perfect looking product. But at what price? Well, we all know that food prices are being greatly increased in this economic downturn we seem to be in, but the price goes further than that.
A lot of the chemicals that are used en masse in farms across the world stay on or in the foods we eat, then comes the slightly unsettling question of how many chemical substances are we subjecting ourselves to, even when we’re trying to eat ‘healthy’.
It’s not just our fruit and vegetables that are affected, though, it’s also the meat products that we consume regularly that can affect us in ways that we can’t imagine. To ensure that farm animals grow large fast, a lot of cows, for example, are given growth hormones to help them on their way. In addition to this, animals need to be given antibiotics to help ward off infection; once again small doses of these antibiotics are passed onto the humans that eat the meat. I’m sure many people are thinking “what’s wrong with that? We take antibiotics when we’re ill and they make us better”. The problem is that many meat eaters are getting a small dose of antibiotics when they eat meat, over a longer period of time this can weaken your immune system and also help your body get used to the antibiotics, therefore making them less useful or even useless when it actually comes to fighting infection.
Now, my dad is definitely quite sceptical of anything surrounding organic food. His reasoning is that he has always eaten normal food and he hasn’t had any problems. However, several studies show the benefits of going organic, for one thing, organic alternatives are often far more nutritious, don’t contain chemicals that can go as far as causing cancer, and actually have higher amounts of anti-oxidants which can help fight against cancer. Many people see organic food as more expensive, but I don’t mind buying something that is marginally expensive (and sometimes even cheaper!) if it means I’m being healthy!


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